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9.01 collage

Looking Forward
February 13, 2005

In a distant future, Xena, a former space pirate-turned-officer of justice, teams up with an attorney named Gabrielle to stop a pirate raid on a transport caravan. But the success of their mission requires that Xena join forces with Ares, a former ally who is now an adversary.

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9.02 collage

Lost and Found
February 26, 2005

When Xena's chakram comes up missing, Xena and Gabrielle are in for a wild adventure when they must retrace their steps in the hopes of reclaiming the Warrior Princess' legendary weapon.

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9.03 collage

What Separates Us I
March 8, 2005

Xena and Gabrielle join a very unlikely ally in order to protect a colony against familiar invaders and in the process, Ares is faced with the realities of his lover being mortal, bringing to light the barrier that is between him and Xena.

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9.04 collage

What Separates Us II
March 24, 2005

While Xena hovers between life and death, Gabrielle and Eve continue to defend Moesia from the Visigoths while Eve confronts her past and its deadly consequences.

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9.05 collage

Set In Stone
April 8, 2005

Xena and Gabrielle go in search of a missing statue that seems to have a past of it's own. When the past involves two angry gods, they must help set things right for the victims involved.

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9.06 collage

Grey Areas
May 10, 2005

When Xena and Gabrielle return to Amazon Lands for Lykia's initiation they find that trouble is brewing between the Amazons and a group of villagers--a conflict that could mean war. Meanwhile, Lykia deals with becoming an Amazon, hoping that as one, she will be able to calm the rage within her soul.

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9.07 collage

Take Two
July 2, 2005

When Sabina and Siran are asked to transport a valuable object with unusual powers, Xena, Gabrielle and Haimon volunteer to help. With would-be robbers on their trail, Xena and Gabrielle realize that the talisman may help them sort out their problems--if it doesn't drive them crazy first.

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9.08 collage

August 15, 2005

When Ares agrees to take Darion on an outing for his tenth birthday, the event becomes a lot less joyous after Ares' past unexpectedly comes back to haunt him resulting in a day that Darion nor anyone else are likely to forget.

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9.09 collage

You're Only Young Twice
February 13, 2006

When a mysterious gypsy grants a secret wish that turns Gabrielle back into her younger and innocent self, Xena isn't sure how the spell can be undone - or whether it should be.

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9.10 collage

Beneath the Waves
March 12, 2006

When Xena, Gabrielle and Darion decide to take a vacation on an island they meet up with two women who are on an unusual mission and when they offer to aid them in their quest it leads them all on an underwater adventure of a lifetime.

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9.11 collage

Twilight Eve
March 28, 2006

As Demeter becomes deathly ill, the gods begin to fear that the Twilight is still in motion. As a result, Artemis tries to dispose of Eve by turning the Amazons against her.

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9.12 collage

The Outlaws
July 24, 2006

The Amazons lives are threatened yet again, but this time by a renegade tribe. Meanwhile Xena, Gabrielle, and Eve are faced with the difficult choice of losing the Amazon lands forever.

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9.13 collage

Ends and Means
October 2, 2006

When a hospice run by the young Elijan Siran is threatened by a new Roman civil war, Xena and Gabrielle agree to help--only to find themselves facing some hard decisions involving their old enemy Sabina. Meanwhile, Gabrielle and Haimon's relationship reaches a turning point.

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9.14 collage

For Better, For Worse
October 25, 2006

When Xena, Gabrielle and Darion are invited to attend the wedding of Autolycus' daughter, Anticlea, some trouble arises when Aphrodite intervenes on behalf of another queen who is in love with the groom. Meanwhile, a small band of thugs set a plan to get their revenge against Autolycus because of a grudge they have against him.

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9.15 collage

December 18, 2006

Eve struggles with difficult decisions when she learns something that could be key to the fate of the Olympian gods. At the same time, as Queen of the Amazons, she has to deal with the case of a young mother about to be exiled for breaking an age-old law, and to confront the rights and wrongs of Amazon tradition. Xena and Gabrielle try to help, realizing that the very survival of the Amazons is at stake.

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9.16 collage

December 31, 2006

Xena and Gabrielle return to Thebes to visit Antigone but when they find out about an impending war and that two angry gods, desperate to preserve themselves, are behind the troubles the city may face, Xena and Gabrielle get involved to stop them. Meanwhile, Ares is faced with his own choices that eventually lead him to a decision that will change his life.

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9.17 collage

Worlds Apart
February 22, 2007

Thrown into the vortex created by a battle of two gods, Xena and the now-mortal Ares find themselves in a world at once familiar, strange, and terrifying--neither of them knowing the other is there as well. Xena and Gabrielle's paths cross once again, while Ares faces an uncertain fate after falling into the hands of a cruel tyrant.

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9.18 collage

The Monarch
April 5, 2007

Xena, still trapped in a parallel universe and accompanied by the other world's Gabrielle, joins the rebels to fight the Monarch and runs into some familiar faces. As the rebellion gathers force, events escalate toward a confrontation between Xena and the Monarch, while the other world's God of War seeks to manipulate their deadly game--and the now-mortal Ares and rebel Gabrielle find themselves in the midst of it.

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9.03 collage

A Crazy Little Thing Called Love
June 20, 2007

Xena and Ares settle back into the "real world"; however, their homecoming is cut short when they cross paths with Aphrodite who is in need of help to get out of a very unusual situation.

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9.20 collage

The Fall I
August 9, 2007

A message from an old friend brings Xena and Gabrielle to Jerusalem as the Israelites, bitterly divided, seek to recapture their land from Roman domination.

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9.21 collage

The Fall II
October 17, 2007

With the Romans laying siege to Jerusalem and Gabrielle about to give birth, Xena is torn between her loyalty to the Israelites and her concern for Gabrielle's safety.

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