First of all, I just wanted to say that I love the collage Aurora! I think it turned out really well. I like how you put Gabrielle's new costume in there, along with the new characters like Haimon, Sabina, and Siran. I thought they turned out really nicely.

I also thought the episode itself turned out really well. I can't imagine how frustrating that bell and reset would be. For some reason its so funny to see Xena get worked up and ticked off about it. I also thought it was very clever on which characters you decided to use (Xena, Ares, and Haimon). Loved Ares' "this things killing all my best lines!" And at first I was a little surprised when it was given to Haimon but now I really understand the development it gave both him and Gabrielle. This is actually the first episode where I think we got to see a different angle to Haimon's character, and I actually am really starting to like him. Maybe its a guy thing, but I had the same reaction that Ares did when Haimon made the comment about women and how you can't zap them or whatever. Who knew a little sarcasm could develop the character in a totally different way.

Darion was good here too and I was glad that he got to spend some time with Aphrodite so he didn't "weigh down" the other characters. Of course Sabina was her wonderful self as usual. I really love her character and her relationship with Siran and how it has "changed" her. I enjoyed her discussion with Xena and how she had the Empress of Rome at her fingertips. And her relationship with Xena, Gabrielle, Haimon, and Ares is so very interesting and twisted. As long as Sabina is in an episode you know you will be entertained.

My favorite moment of the episode would have to be when Ares threw a fireball at Sabina, and after the reset her and Siran were all mad about it. Meanwhile Xena starts to smirk That was great!!

I enjoyed this episode most of all because, although it was a comedy, it was really more of a character directed story. The "orb" and the reseting of the day really established each character and who they were. And what I realized in this episode is that a majority of the supporting cast (Haimon, Darion, Sabina, and Siran) were created purely for the Shipper Seasons. Yet they are developed so much that the viewers KNOW these characters and are able to identify with their actions just as much as with the main characters (Xena, Gabrielle, and Ares). So really great job in accomplishing that!

Anyway great job Sais and LK!!! I think the hard work really paid off and I am very pleased to see how this episode turned out.

Casual Fan

Nice plot device with the orb - Xena's growing frustration and especially Ares' aggravation were very well written - Ryan's already pointed out Ares' best line, and I also liked the scene with his warlord where the GOW finally tells him to bugger off.

Sais may not want to hear this, but it looks to me like Haimon's and Gab's relationship is on life support at this stage. I know they have the kiss-and-make-up scene at the end, but they just aren't meshing well, and I foresee more angst ahead.

Sabina continues to be the most fully-developed character in the Shipper Seasons - complex, 3-dimensional and very much her own person. I like the continuing tension between her and Xena - it adds depth to both of them and makes for some excellent scenes and dialogue.

It took a while, but it was worth the wait - great job!


Iíve just finished the new episode and I had a great time reading it! It was very funny and it was great to have Sabina there too. I think I donít miss so much other characters I liked from the show because the ones you created for the SS are so interesting.

I really love everything in this episode. I love that Vikings, I definitely love Sabina and her witty lines, and Ares under that spell couldnít be any funnier. I think the graphics are great too.

Many thanks to S2C, LK and Aurora for this one more. I only hope you had as much fun making this episode as I had reading it!


It's great to see the crew back in action again. Nice to see Sabina and Siran again. I'm glad Haimon and Gabrielle were able to make some progress in their relationship.

I especially love the "Watch what?" part and the bit about the swimming instructors. It was cute how A/X and G/H hesitated before kissing each other, expecting the bell to ring.

Nice job, everyone!


Excellent job guys! You had me in stitches for most of the episode. Xena's frustration was very well done, I felt it - a lot! Ares had some of the best lines and I loved the short 'male bonding' moment. I had to admit I wasn't sure about Sabina when she first came along, I was worried she was going to do the Xena path. Evil, meet short friend, good and we're done. But she's grown on me and developed in a different direction which I like. Two thumbs up!


Congratulations on the new ep, LadyKate and Sais 2 Cool!!! It was definitely worth the wait, I loved it!

One of the major things that hint me about this ep is that I could imagine a lot of discussion on message boards taking place about some of Xena and Gabrielle's actions in this one. It's just one of those ep's that make you want to try and figure out and dissect what they were thinking and doing.

Anyway's the story was awesome and the images and bell where just perfect and added a nice touch to the ep. Thanks you again for all ya'lls hard work to bring us such a wonderful episode.


LOVE IT! After such a long delay, I was all starving for the ep, and it didn't disappoint.

I agree with what everyone said. It was nice to see how Haimon was developed and got to play a bit of a leading role in the ep finally. Him and Gabby definitely have to work out their issues.

The orb makes Xena so frustrated! LOL. I think it was good to see Xena not always getting her way/in control of the situation. The shipper seasons keep her real! Plus it made her think about how she handles your standard warrior-of-the-week situation (even if the Vikings were exceptional!)

It was muy amusing. Every line. GREAT JOB