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Amazing. This website is amazing. I've started reading season 7 and I am just blown away by all the effort and talent put into each episode. I especially enjoy the fun or unique plots that come up and the photo manipulations. I wish I could read faster and had more time but alas, it's 2:30 am here and I need my sleep. I did take a sneak peak in the gallery section and am BLOWN AWAY by future photo manipulations of alternate costumes (and also a few spoilers for AWESOME sounding episodes). Great work, I look forward to the rest of the show, I wish I had rekindled my love of Xena and Ares sooner. You guys ROCK!


I haven't even looked for a shipper site in a couple years b/c i thought they had all been abandoned. Thanks for keeping it up.


I just wanted to say that I love this site,I check in every day to see if the new season is ready.Iwanted to make you a proposal:if you could integrate the song "right here waiting for you" by richard marx.I think it suits xena and ares pretty well,becaus they always waited for each other in the past.so that's about it.by!


Just wanted to say this site rocks! I stumbled across it one day and ive been hooked ever since! Such a good idea to start something like this! You guys rule! xox


I'm so sad to see that you guys will be ending the virtual seasons. It really has kept the show alive. I got away from it for a while, so i've been reading it all over starting at Season 7. It's hard to find good shipper stories out there. Fanfiction.net it a good site but the majority of stories on there are X/G or like Joxer/Ares (EWE). It's nice how close you guys really keep in tune with the characters. I know it must have been a lot of hard work all these years, just doing all these seasons in your spare time. Seeing that every year you had less and less writers. Maybe after a break you'll change your minds and start up again. I can dream can't I. I'll always be a huge fan. I was very disappointed the way the real show ended, but you guys really turned it around and brought it back to where it belonged.

When the show first ended, I was really hoping that they would make a movie, like the Hercules movies. But then when Kevin Smith died, I wouldn't even want them to try to do it without him. Your Seasons have really kept his character going though, and in that way a part of him. Thanks again for all your hard work. Please let this finale have a better (happier) ending then the show's.


I just want to say your virtual continuation of the Xena saga is wonderful!

I love it and wish you well...


Hi, i'd like to thank you for the episodes you have all writen...they were great and i really was excited by the fact that you focused on xena 's relationship with Ares!!!!!!Great job!!!!!!


hi, I have been reading every season of your shipper seasons and I am absolutely hooked. I am nearly finished season nine and was just wondering when season ten would be out. I love the relationship between xena and ares and would love to see more of them together. I also love the relationship between xena and gabrielle, it is just like watching the episodes on tele. I would like to know if there is any chance of you doing a more than just season ten, because I think they are very well written with wonderful plots and would love to read loads more seasons. thank you.

jennifer riley

wow...really great website!!!! i love the way that you've made the X/A relationship the main thing in the episodes and at the same time staying true to the characters.

Alexa Medina

I absolutely love your xena warrior princess shipper seasons, I was distraught when the show ended and thought that was it. Then I was strolling through xena websites and stumbled upon your site, I think it is very proffesional and well designed, I love the pictures, I love the way you have brought back some of the old chracters and that some of the ones who aren't around anymore still get mentioned. I am hooked on the storyline between xena and ares, I think they make the perfect couple and am thrilled the shipper season is based around them. I also love the way you have kept the relationship between xena and gabrielle going too, I did think it was going to be all about xena and ares but it is not and I love the relationship between xena and gabrielle. I didn't know about the shipper seasons and have only been reading them for a short while, I am only on season eight but can't wait for season nine. I have had a look on the internet at other shipper seasons and I have to say they look ridiculous. I found one that completely seems to take advantage of the relationship between xena and gabrielle. Your site it extrodinary, I love the way you have made your own credits, decorated the background and made a different colour background for season seven, eight and nine. One of th things I also impressed with is the way the characters change a little, for example gabrielle adopting darion, falling for haimon and getting pregnant by haimon at the end of season nine. Not to mention eve falling for virgil and xena actually telling ares she loves him. This is all great but I'm glad their not changing too much, I do like some things to stay normal. I'm sorry but I do have one complaint, EVE. I really like her character, I think she is fantastic and I do want her to stay. It is just the storyline about her always having a problem with killing seems to be dragging on a bit. I am extremely pleased that at the begining of season seven her dark past was still mentioned like xena, however I think that somewhere her character should get over it like xena so she can move on to other things in the episodes. Other than this, in my opinion you your site is like heaven on earth and I can't wait for season ten and possibly more. I congratulate you, thank you for creating such a gripping site.


thank you so much for all the hard work and dedication that you have put into the Shipper Seasons, it is very much appreciated. This site is amazing and is widely considered (if the messages left in the guestbook is anything to go by) as creative genious. i love the episodes and the storylines and am looking forward to reading more in the future.
Thanks again.



thought i should kind'a answer your request of sending in feedback on the seasons. Let me say, i really really enjoy reading the eps, and am very glad that this site exsits! i think that the site has always been really well designed and layed out, along with the eps, and the inclusion of pictures always helps. Overall, it looks very professional!

On the eps themselves, i like the good balance of fun, stand alone eps, and the more storyline ones. They are all very well written and capture the characters really well. Personal preferance leans towards the eps that include Ares, but they are all still good.

I think my only tiny little annoyance is i feel there is too much lingering on Eve and her journey, which often seems a little repetative in ways, and it doesn;t help that at times the whole redemption story feels like it has already been done by Xena. it might just be that i fall in to the little 'eve- bashing' camp, though i still commend you on rounding out the character a lot more then the show ever did, she is almost likable!

Let me emphasize though that i do very much like this site, and as a (former) writer/ editor of the fledgling Farscape Virtual Season 5 often pointed the team in the direction of this site to have a look around as a very good example!

Well Done all of you and i hope you keep it up!


Hi, I just wanted to say in general that I have been reading these episodes and I really believe that they are awesome! Its interesting and I am one of those fans who think that Ares and Xena look good together. I myself remember the first time I came across this website, I was looking at some Xena pics on google and it brought me to this page and ever since then I have been reading these episodes and enjoying it. Keep up the good work and looking forward to the next episodes.


I really like this site!!! More episodes with the Xena and Ares relationship, I love reading them ones! Very nice job.


Heyy there. I would like to thank you for all the great episodes you've all been writing. I think this site is amazing and since I've found it online, I just have to come and check for updates everyday! I'd like to say that the episodes are very, very good! You have really managed to capture the essence of this show. There are many people that write fanfiction and they make everyone in the story sound out of character. But not you guys. When I read the eps, I can really see them in my head and I thank you for that because I was really upset when the show ended. You have kept Xena alive in our hearts and I am very greatful!! Keep it up!:)


Hi, I'd just like to say thanks for this fab site. I have not long discovered Xena and whilst trawling the web found this. I really enjoy the episodes and have to commend you on the quality of writing.


I'd like congratulating all people who made "shipper seasons". Your episodes are really good.

It's good knowing that, although the show in TV was over, Xena Warrior Princess still goes on!!


Amazing site guys. I can't believe that there are still such dedicated fans of Xena after all these years. It's absolutely fantastic and such a privilege to read such amazing stories! Keep up the great work!



I'm so glad that I've found the Shipper Seasons. I was looking around for some good Xena/Ares fanfic, specifically post-FIN. I couldn't believe it when I found not just one story, but several seasons! The characters are spot on, and the storylines are realistic and gripping. I so appreciated that once Ares retrieved Xena from the Jappa underworld that they weren't immediately all lovey-dovey. I can feel the struggle each of them is having with the relationship, and that makes it more believable.

I enjoy, also, the humor that is woven into the eps. Some of my favorite episodes of the original Xena seasons were the ones where the characters let loose and had a good time (more often than not, poking fun at themselves.)

It's also good to see characters that have been out of the picture for awhile. I have especially missed Joxer. I pretty much stopped watching the show once TPTB killed him. I watched an occasional episode, but only recently have I bothered to catch up on what I missed.

I was disappointed to learn that Season 9 will bring everything to a conclusion. I do hope that you would consider extending the series beyond that. Now that I have my beloved characters back I just can't bear to let them go again!

Thanks so much for the wonderful storytelling. Battle on!


These are fantastic. This is the first time I have ever gotten into any fanfic because most dont stay true to the characters but these are just so great. I can see it all playing out in my head and I feel like I am watching Xena all over again. You are feeding my obsession lol Thank you.


Very interesting website. Keep up the outstanding work and thank you...


I love the scipts! I am so happy Xena gets to come back to life! I cried and cried on the last episode! You rock!


I just stumbled upon your website tonight. And I have just spent the past few hours (yes hours) reading some of the stories. They are great! I will admit I am not a HUGE fan of Xena. But I did watch and enjoy the show when it was on. I can't find it on here in Arizona anymore. I wanted to thank you for the past few hours of enjoyment you have given me. And the countless hours to come. I've got lots to catch up on still! When reading these stories (season 7), it really feels as if they are being played out by the characters I remember from the show. As if I'm reading a transcript of an actual episode. I can really SEE it - which I can honestly tell you that doesn't happen very often. I went into two of the other websites mentioned (XWPVS and XWP Subtext VS) and I will tell you I was dissapointed. The stories didn't flow like yours do, and they aren't as believable as Xena. They may be good stories on their own really, but I have yours to compare to and yours feel like the actual show is still on. Thank you very much! Awesome! I have lots more to read!!!

Tif :)

This site is amazing. I haven't read many episodes yet, but I must say that I admire what you are doing! It is so great to see fellow fans who saw Xena and Gabrielle more as family and held Ares as her more idle love interest and felt that their relationship had little to no closure in season 6.

It is amazing to see that you guys can keep true to the characters and develop them well--something unfound in most "fanfiction" in any fandom.

I will try to catch up as quick as possible. Until then, battle on and good luck!


Thank you for this wonderful site!!! I discovered Xena's show a few months ago, and unfortunately I haven't had the chance to watch all of it, so I was gladly surprised when I found your site because we hardly have information in my country about this show and also about new seasons and fanfic. I needed to congratulate the team that has made possible this project!!!!


Wow, you guys sure do a lot for this website. And i just have to say I LOVE IT! I'm a huge Xena fan, and i've been looking for a site like this for ages, and only stumbled upon it yesterday. Don't really know how I missed it for ao long. Anyway, the website is brilliant, and I hope you all continue with the good work you've been doing!! ^_^


I just wanted to say that I really love the new site design. Everything from the layout to the graphics makes the site look really spectacular!!!! It looks like one ot the best sites designs I have seen and it really helps add to the entire Shipper Seasons. I hope you all keep up the good work and I look forward to the remaining episodes.


This is an incredible site, both material wise and layout wise! Excellent work!


omg i luv ur site! ive been lookin up websites w/ ares/xena relationship and when i came across this website i was amazed because it was xena/ares focused AND it had more seasons! i luv it!


I'd just like to say firstly that the shipper seasons rock!! The writers have really opened up some ideas that weren't done in the show; it's great! The only thing I don't like is the long wait the writers are planning to have, but I'm just impatcient:):). I really do like that they communicate with you if something goes wrong, and tell you what the score is. I can't wait for the newest episodes, and the new layout is awesome!! The Xena and ares relationship is done very well, without going over the top, which is easy to do. I also like the way they've still managed though, to involve very interesting stories with the other two main characters; Eve and Gabrielle.

Keep up the awesome work and we all hope they make a movie!!!


Hi, I'm Lady Zee (that's my pen name) and I just wanted you to know that there is only one shipper fiction webbie that matches the quality of yours, and that's xenaarefiction.com - believe that's saying something, yours and that webbie are the only remaining good shipper websites I can truly rely on.

I must say, I LOVE this new layout - the best one yet,I've been surfing this website since version 2, so there.

I hope you will keep it going and soon introduce things like montages and wallpapers, and you are all doing a marvellous job, and after reading a bit on 'Behind the Scenes' I can see where the credit falls for such a masterpiece and where the work is coming from.

I hope you never close this website, it is truly one of the very last of the Shippers' last hope, if you know what I mean.

Keep it up,

A devoted fan

Just wanted to leave my kudos to the webmistress of the Shipper Seasons site and to everybody else who help to keep it going and getting better and better at each change you make on it.

And as a fan of the Shipper Seasons I also want to leave a big THANK YOU to the people who dedicate a part of their precious time to create all those wonderful stories and share them with us. This moment of good quality entertainment you give us is very much appreciated.

As I always say, you rock!


I am SO happy to have found this site! I've recently become obsessed with the Xena/Ares ship and it's hard to find good quality X/A fanfics. However, when I saw that Lady Kate and Tango were involved with this production I knew it would be good. Great job! Extremely enjoyable and just like watching a season of XWP.

Again, wonderful work and thanks for all the effort you put into this great site.


Wow! I didn't think anyone could really capture the relationship between Ares and Xena but I was proven wrong. This site is a dream come true for all Shippers out there. The episodes are so good they could've made it to the screen. o well, at least we have it here. Thanx!!!!


Really great site guys, keep up the good work! Your stories are definately the best ares and xena fanfiction ive ever read. :)


There are just no words to describe how great you writers are at what you guys do, and for keepin' x/a fiction alive! I luv you guys SO much! keep on writing!


your website is really cool :) it's fun that you've continued the x/a relationship, it stop us from going crazy, keep up the good work !!!


i just wanted to express my thanks to everyone involved in the Shiiper Seasons. They are very well written, the montages are great, and the storylines are interesting. Thank you all very much:)


this is the greatest virtual season site ever!! keep up the great work and please make even more seasons for us to enjoy! thanks!!!


I wanna give a big fat thank you to Lady Kate for telling me about The Shipper Seasons and about Xena Online Community. I think all the scripts are just wonderfully written and that all the staff members did a great job at capturing the essence of all the characters. Thank you all


Love the seasons! Their funny, sweet, and action! Great job everyone!


I just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying read this version of the Virtual Seasons. I've read others but this one feels so right! Thanks to everyone for writing this story.

Keep up the good work! I always have loved the Ares and Xena story line!


I simply adore your site. Finally Ares gets recognition for the powerful, colorful and just plain wonderful character he is.

Kevin Smith was a incredibly talented actor and by all accounts a great person. I wish your writers were writing for the show because there were so many missed possibilities with his character's development. I miss him terribly and so do many others obviously.

His power, passion and let's not forget those leather pants, won't be soon forgotten.

Thanks for keeping the memory alive!


i love your stories! i do believe that xena and should be together because they are perfect for eachother!!!! please continue the seasons you are doing a hell of a job! lol

THExena fan,

I was so disappointed with the series finale of X:WP--it didn't fit with the rest of the series at all. I am so pleased that this group has decided to carry one the show. I have been a X/A shipper since the beginning, but most fanfic...well...it isn't very good. I like the way the X/A relationship was developed--it remains true to the characters portrayed on the show, but gives me the shipper satisfaction I always wanted!



I've read through all your eps, and I am very impressed. Good job. A very interesting season, more consistantly better than what TPTB came up with... and, as I'm late in finding this site, I didn't even have to wait every week! Until now, at least. Pout.

Personally, I suppose I'm more of a Shipper than anything else, although, or maybe because, I could never picture them living "happily ever after" together. Any relationship would be, in my mind, full of difficulties and darker passions. I can't imagine either of them would be happy otherwise, as they both have an almost unhealthy suspicion of anything "too easy."

I'm also impressed that you've made SS7 eps more concerned with things like actual plots than the relationship you support. The Xena/Ares thing is secondary, which is the only way a action based series like this can be truly great. You've done a good job of acheiving such greatness; I would have liked to see what might have been accomplished if you were in control of the show.


You guys have done a good job with this. I love how you've managed to combine plots and characters and other elements in a believable, consistent way and have brought back some characters from the past.


I must say that I really like this site. The episode ideas are very original and I like the Xena/Ares parts. I've always been a fan of that couple. Keep up the good work! Its great! :)


Aieee! This place is SO cool! I was lookin' around at some other virtual seasons, and this one takes the cake! Definitely! Can you guys believe it? I read all the viewable episodes in 2 days! (Well, sorta...I had one and a half episodes to finish, which I JUST did...this being the third day I've been familiar with this site) Go me! I just got so enthralled with these episodes, I couldn't stop reading them! Great job to all you who made this site possible! Love ya guys! Xena and Ares forever, mwaha! ^.~


Some things are better than others, but this is definitely one of the best! Keep on writing, entertaining and creating little miracles!


I love this site. It continues the show for me, and that's *exactly* what I need right now: some positive Xena fic that's about Ares as well. :) Thank you.


Have always been a Xena/Ares fan from the start. The chemistry between them is out of this world and by the gods, they look great together. This is a great site for every Ares/Xena fan. The stories are great and getting better.