Wow! This episode was fantastic. It's got a very tight, fast-moving plot, and everything fits in and leaves us with lots more character-driven conflict for the next episode. I have some thoughts on what might happen, but I'll keep them to myself for now.

The collage is very beautiful. I love the texture and colors!

The story with Artemis coming back to the Amazons was really perfect, because it's something that has been building up since Season 2. Having the Twilight come about in this way is more along the lines of what I think TPTB should have done in the first place. This also sets up some good potential conflict between Ares and Xena, as well (but with the possibility of a happy ending). It was also good to see some loose ends tied up (or at least addressed) regarding the Twilight as well as the Hope storyline.

Great job, everyone, and thanks for another great episode!


Amazing job! It was a very well written episode and packed with plot, plot, plot!

I think that this Twilight/Eve/Gods issue has been building for a while now, and it's nice to see it coming out into the open. Ares pointing out the similarities with Hope were a hard truth but probably one that Xena needed to realize.

It's interesting that Ares is going to side with his family - I hope we'll get to see more interaction between all of them.

I definitely think that the gods haven't learned nearly as much as they should have - they brought on the last twilight by trying to stop it and now they're determined to bring it about again! Sometimes, you just need to let go and wait for more information.

Now, of course, the question is which way Eve'll turn the tide of events. 'Cause right now, the gods aren't looking on the right side.

No broken Ares sword!


i liked how the people got to decide if there was going to be a twighlight (tho they didn't know they were choosing) and how it was their choice to worship them or not.

i liked when eve fought against artemis because a queen should stick up for her tribe. queen vs queen. i wanted eve to win (who didnt?) but i kind of knew artemis was going to..i mean eve was kind of rusty on fighting. at least she showed her tribe she cared about them

and i really want to know how demeter came back after she died! i just cant wait until we find out. was it that people started worshipping her again? such a cliffhanger. but i like that kind of suspense

i also luved how ares took his families side this time. it was the right thing to do (for him at least) because he doesnt want him family to die right after he brought them from hell (w/ xena's help of course). and i know ares wouldnt his family to get killed by xena's hand again. we know it was hard for ares when his family died the 1st time

great ep overall! cant wait till the next one!


Very well done - I like the way Ryan wove his ongoing Amazon storyline into a much larger theme, and provided some interesting and challenging new directions for the season.

The idea that gods retain their powers only as long as they have believers has been around for a while, but it certainly makes for a much more believable Twilight scenario than the one we got in S5. I don't know if Ryan is a Terry Pratchett fan, but I know LK is, and I couldn't help thinking about the novel Small Gods as I read this. Hey, at least the Olympians don't turn into turtles!

Good move bringing Artemis back into the picture, if only to snuff her again - after the Niobe story, I don't think anyone will shed too many tears. I also liked seeing the continuity with the long-ago Destiny arc, with Artemis overseeing the reconstruction of her long-destroyed temple and assuming the position Velasca tried to seize.

As you all know by now, I never want to see Xena and Ares get too cozy with each other without some new conflict arising, and this one promises to be a doozy. Ares will now be compelled to find new warlords, wars and followers simply to continue existing, and Xena will be duty-bound to try to stop him. I can see some terrific plots coming out of this, with some searching evaluations of characters. Good luck with this - it should be fun!

Fine job, Ryan and the entire SS9 team!


I'm SOOOO glad that you guys brought the twillight back! I'm really curious how this is going to turn out...I mean, we all thought that Ares would naturally side with Xena, but yall kind of left us thinking "oh shit, he's not?" lol how are you guys going to do this?

I also liked how you got Eli back, and how you connected Eve's position as Queen of the Amazons to the path of Eli. It always bothered me that she quit being the messenger of Peace...Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Amazon Queen Eve...But I was a little bothered by it. But now, my worries have been put to rest!

I can't WAIT to see how things pan out...and please please PLEASE let us know soon what decision the gods will have to make!!! OMG you guys left so many things unanswered that I'm still squirming in my seat with anticipation!

You guys rock!