Wow, it's so funny ep! Thugs, and wedding - it's amazed cocktail! I never knew before about club as "Hatred and Personal Vengeance Addicts Anonymous" - great! I mean, such club was really need in that time, with all that persons like Gasgar. :LOL And I so glad that Alesia came back, I always suspected, that Xena would meet her. And when Aphrodite appeared firstly and break up wedding - well, I was in shock. That Twilight-2 prophecy finished all gods, huh? Oh, and separate thanks for Annabel. She and Darion - what a beautiful couple! Poor Gabrielle, though. LOL

Hm, it's now without-Ares episode. I guess, he really take umbrage at Xena. And just think, not long ago (in Xenaverse-Seasons-time) their biggest problem was Xena's mortality-immortality... And now it is question about surviving of all gods!!

And I also didn't think that new ep is ready, now! You are the best, guys! Del, I congratulate you with you debut in SS, you are great writer, and this ep is marvelous! And I love new collage, too! This is beutiful, beautiful wedding!

And my favorite line -
Xena: If I ever decide to get married, just kill me.


That was SO funny! I loved it. Gabby's remark in the end about gods and princesses was hysterical. The 3 baddies made me lmao. The only thing I have to say is where is Ares????? Other than that it was an A+!! Del it is always great to read your stuff!


Awesome work Del! Its great to see you a part of the SS staff.

There are two things that really stick out in this episode for me: the return of Aphrodite (we hadn't seen it yet this season) and the return of the ever popular breast dagger. Honestly, when was the last time we saw the breast dagger?

But in all seriousness, I thought this was a great episode. Del really did an amazing job with what she was given. This episode had a lot of humorous moments.

One of my favorite moments was after Xena threw Alesia the breast dagger and she ends of freeing herself...

I knew you could do it.

GABRIELLE (amazed):

I'll tell you later.

That pretty much sums up all the risky acrobats done on the show.

Also enjoyed Darion talking about how Xena kicks the best @#%$, the HPV AA, the return of Nell the Nasty, Gascar, and Greba, and the temporary love spell at the end. Thank the gods it was tempoarary.

Anyway, awesome work Del! The episode turned out great!


Loved it!! The writing was terrific, and the flashbacks were done just right. The collage was beautiful, and the choice of photos was great, too. And a special shout-out to Del for her first SS episode!


I really liked the episode
btw. it would be really cool if ares would show up in the next ep