This episode was a very exciting conclusion to part 1. Its funny because I thought that part 1 seemed a bit slow paced and this episode was really fast paced. Some points in the episode seemed to go by so fast but it still held my interest. Their also seemed to be a lot of characters in this episode and I kind of forgot about Virigl until he showed up towards the end.

The dream was a very clever way of keeping Xena out of the real world and I like that it brought back two of my favorite characters Caesar and Livia. It was also great to see Agrippina again. With all of the issues with Rome on the first part it was good to face them head on.

Ares using Athenas blessing was a move I wasn't expecting. I thought he would have given up his immortality but you guys continue to prove me wrong. The way the episode ends it seems that the Visgoths might return and I am not sure if Zenobia is dead or not. I wouldn't mind seeing her make another appearance down the road.

The final thing I wanted to comment on was Eve's adopted mothers death. While it was very heartbreaking it didn't seem to be that much of a big deal. Obviously Eve was more concerned with her real mother anyways. I also didn't like the idea that Xena and Ares seemed to be making out right before her funeral. That just seemed a little strange to me.

But it was still a good episode despite a couple problems. Hopefully this isn't the last we see of the Romans. I give this episode a 7.5/10


first word that comes to mind: intense.

there's so much hurt that's so real. i'm still not quite sure whether that "dream world" was actually a spiritual plane that xena entered (like in TBTB), or a manifestation of the fears that prey on her subconscious. i find the several possible interpretations fascinating.

i loved it.


Wow...great episode!

I've seen this episode go from start to finish and it went through a lot of different changes/rewrites. I really like the way this turned out. Zenobia proved to be an interesting character, and I am curious as if we will see more of her and the Visigoths, since it seemed to be hinted at the end.

The death of Orphelia must have been really hard on Eve, and I can understand how it would lead to her not being with Virgil anymore.

I also like that Gabrielle seemed to take more of the front seat in this episode. It shows her growth and how she can think on her own too.

The dreamworld worked really well too. I like it much better as an unexplained Illusia-type of place. Bringing back Julius Caesar, as well as Livia and Agrippina was really great. I especially love when Xena kills Livia and says "Stay out of my dreams."

All and all a very nicely constructed two-parter.

Great job to LadyKate and Aurora on two fantastic episodes!


Wow! That hit hard.

I really loved the episode. The Eve further battling her deeds as Livia had a great feel to it. It was just so well written! Although I'm curious to see if Zenobia lived.

I have to say I admired the flashbacks. They added a great effect. The fact that Agrippina was the one mocking Xena was a great touch.

The dreamworld was also a nice touch. I have to admit I did feel like Xena would die. But as always our hero escapes death.

The fact Ares was added into the story line with Livia was also nice. It added more to the line I believe was said in the pervious episode, that livia would always be between them.

I say, you all did a bloody good job mates!


Loved the episode!!!

Like atrophy a few words spring to mind about this one. Action packed and intense.

I absolutely loved the dreamworld and as a reader/viewer (of the show) pure satisfaction is what I felt when Xena faces off against Caesar and Livia before leaving it.

I also am interested in knowing the fate of Zenobia. I liked how Athena is mentioned for giving the blessing, definitely no YAXI's in this one. I also was very shocked about Orphelia and Virgil, I didn't see either one of those things happening.

You guys do such wonderful work from the writing to the images and then putting it all together. Thank you for providing us with such wonderful entertainment!!


I finally got to finish this one! Interesting idea having Xena stuck in the dreamscape thing. I thought it was also a good idea to include the Livia/Zenobia flashbacks - that way, we got a little more new background on both characters. Poor Virgil and Eve!


Neat twist with the dreamworld - in a way, it's a tip of the hat to Dreamworker, although Xena's inner demons are much more sophisticated and complex than they were in S1.

The scene where Xena extricates herself from the cross was very interesting, and quite symbolic, although I'm not sure what it symbolizes - Xena exorcising her past? The renunciation of her monomanaical hatred of Rome? Anyone care to hazard a guess?

That raises another good point - Xena's recognition (through dream-Agrippina) that she was using Rome as a emotional crutch, a convenient villain to blame her travails and bad judgement on. As she notes, she was already a pirate when she met Caesar, so her path was already taking a dark turn, even if she had never been betrayed and crucified. There was no way Gab could continue to follow her without becoming involved in killing, and thus her desire to preserve Gab's blood innocence was doomed from the start. Even the corruption of her daughter was incidental to her conflict with the gods; Rome may have raised her, but Ares was instrumental in ensuring that Livia became the b*tch that she was.

Eve is becoming a very interesting character indeed, what with her return to Roman leadership and her rejection of Virgil. I liked the fact that Joxer's murder still haunts her, more than it does even Virgil - I have to think that it would be a lasting barrier to any possible relationship between the two. Poor Haimon is starting to look like the proverbial fifth wheel, isn't he?

Excellent 2-parter - some of the best SS stuff yet!