I have finished to read just now.
I... I don't know what I supposed to say.
Gabrielle and Haimon... When you told about turning point in Gab/Haimon story, I.. well, I waited for some "sweet". Of course, it's not as if Gabrielle would leave Xena and settle down with Haimon and Darion, but something closer. And instead Haimon left Gabrielle, left Darion (!!!!) and took Rome Emperor's side! Nooo! He couldn't do that to Gabrielle... but he did.

Oh, sorry, emotions are gushing. Thank you, thank you very much for new ep! All is great - story, and pics, and collage! Ow, I suddenly understood that it was without-Ares-ep. Really, I never noted it when I read, I was so so engrossed in reading that this fact didn't register in my mind.


Read the ep last night - very well done! I wasn't surprised by the Gab/Haimon split either - given the way their relationship had been (d)evolving over the season, it seemed to me that a parting of the ways was inevitable. Haimon's joining Vespasian did surprise me some, seeing how jaded they all must be by now with the whims of Roman emperors, but Vespasian was defintely cut from a far different bolt of cloth that the Julio-Claudians, and I could see how this might strike a man like Haimon still trying to find his way. I did send LK an "aagghh!" message when I learned about the pregnancy, but I've reconciled myself to it - at least the kid's 100% human this time (I think).

Good development of Sabina/Siran as well - that was another couple doomed to be parted, and they provide an interesting contrast to Xena/Gab. One big difference between the two couples is that Xena had already decided on repentence and attonement before she ever met Gab, who in turn was an impressionable teenager ready to head down new paths. Siran is a committed Elijan, and Sabina changed her ways in large part because of her, which meant that Siran was leading the way for a while. Sabina's personality is too powerful to assume a subordinate role for long, though, as we see in the ep.

The more the girls get ensnared in Roman politics, the murkier the "Greater Good" becomes, doesn't it? Dealing with Vespasian should be very interesting - he was far more honorable than his predecessors, but he was fully capable of utter ruthlessness as his crushing of the Judean revolt showed.

FIne job - I never even missed Ares, the storyline was so good!


Interesting episode LK and Sais!! Although, I did miss my Ares.

I have to admit, that I am glad to see Siran and Sabina go their seperate ways. They are just too polar opposites. I agree with CasualFan about Sabina having too strong of a personality to sit around the rest of her life playing bodyguard to her peace-nik friend. I like the idea of her going off on her own and seeing if her own conscience can be her guide rather than Siran's constant reminding and pleading.

Haimon and Gabrielle. I'm so happy she's having a baby. Perhaps this will finally be the internal healing that Gabrielle has needed to provide real closure to the situation with Hope. I knew the pregnancy thing was coming. I could sense it a mile away. , but I totally didn't expect Haimon to leave and moreso didn't expect Gabrielle to just let him without telling him the truth. How angry does she think he'll be when he finds out. He just got through telling her:

"I used to think that one day you'd be ready to settle down and leave the road. I mean I knew there would always be Xena and helping people. But I thought....(he shrugs) you, me, Darion and maybe...."

HELLO? Didn't Gabrielle pick up on the fact that he wants to have a family? That is what I am most shocked about. It's not like he told her that he was wrong to think that settling down could make him happy and following Vespasian is his real dream. He basically said he was doing it because there was no chance of settling down with Gabrielle. A baby totally changes that and provides the perfect opportunity to try.

Well...it definately created the opportunity for some future dramatic moments. Can't wait for more!!!


I knew Gab was pregnant, but I was expecting for her to tell Haimon about it when all the dust had settled. But I think it's great that she and Xena will be raising the baby together. I don't know how well that will work with their fighting lifestyle, but they made it work with Eve, so I'm sure they can deal with it.

I also think that the Sabina/Siran thing was a nice twist. I think they do need to go their separate ways. It's an interesting parallel situation with X/G, but in their case, they managed to make it work, though it obviously wasn't easy!

Thanks to all those who worked on this episode. Can't wait for the next one - I'm glad to hear Ares will be back.


The episode was great. Already knowing Gabby was going to be pregnant, I wasn't that shocked with the ending. Obviously Haimon leaving to join the Roman army, and not knowing that Gabrielle is carrying his child is very dramatic. I myself am curious as to when exactly we are going to see Haimon again, and what will happen when he finds out Gabrielle never told him about being pregnant. Drama anyone?

Also enjoyed Sabina and Siran of course. Loved how Sabina used her own "methods" to get the people food. I was pretty shocked to find out Sabina was leaving to join the Romans. Although I knew about it, I seemed to have forgotten about it, so it was surprising to see her leaving Siran.

Obviously this episode created a lot of different story arcs for a lot of different characters. Not only that, but we still have the impending "Twilight 2.0" that is hanging over everyone's shoulders.

Anyway, great episode Sais and LK! Can't wait for the rest of the episodes!


Awsome ep... I was engrossed the whole time... I love these story's


I definitely noticed there was no Ares, but it was a great ep anyway!!