aww the dolphin,echo, was adorable! and i liked the new characters you brought into the story. i was wondering where i saw casandra before. hercules! it had a nice plot to it and it was nice to have an underwater theme. i liked how you brought atlantis into the story. we never hear enough about the myth. and i was wondering how xena would fix this one! the only thing i missed about it was ares! but i dont see how you could have fit ares into this. he couldnt have helped too much in this scenerio. great ep overall! love it once again!


Well I am not too big of a fan of underwater adventures. I felt it was a little too "fairy tale" to be a Xena episode. However, I can appreciate that it was a nice adventure without angst and drama. It did have a certain Season 1 feel to it. Also like that Poseidon was in it and that the ending was tied together all nicely and neatly. Nice to see Ares make an appearance at the end and his reaction to there adventure.


Well, I finished the episode and I have to say I really liked it! It kept me hooked to the very end because things just kept happening -- things that I couldn't predict. LIke Xena and Gabrielle turning into mermaids! When I saw that, I was thinking, how in the world are they going to have time to work that out?

Some people mentioned Ares not being in it until the end. But in this ep it doesn't seem forced at all. In some of the others where there isn't much Ares, it's almost as if the story is trying too hard to make up for it. With this, the adventure was such that I never wondered why he couldn't be a part of it. And because it was such a fast-paced adventure I just didn't miss him.

I also liked Poseidon, he seems particularly in character -- the words he used and such. And I really liked the twist at the end with the people of Atlantis being turned into mermaids, or naiads and tritons. It was very unexpected.

The ending was sort of bittersweet, too. Cassandra didn't get her sister back, but her sister was going to be able to live with her special friend.

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awww. that was cute! sure, it wasn't as cataclysmic as some of your other episodes, but that doesn't prevent it from being a good read.