I enjoyed this episdoe, esp. the part with the little girl and Ares. I loved the part where she says he told her he had candy in his chariot lmao. I also laughed my head off when Mina told Ares that he would never get either Xena or her *lmao* and then started flirting with Ares *poor hower and hower Jr.*

Although this episode was enjoyable, I did think that the *mom thug* thing where she was scared for life by a 10 year old game of ball was kind of, well, corney, but it did not bring down the episode.

Can't wait until the next episode!


With this episode I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed it. I like my episodes dark and action packed with drama but I always enjoyed episodes like Quill is Mightier and Day in the Life. I had a feeling when I looked at the episode that it was just going to be easy going but you guys really handled comedy well.

I do think the episode was missing something but I can't seem to put my finger on it. The whole losing the chakram became a bit too continous and the comedy parts didn't really kick in until towards the end of the episode. That was my only concern with the episode. Also at first I was wondering if this episode would take place right after the finale ended with Darion and Haimon still there but I think you guys did a really great job focusing on Xena, Gabrielle, and Ares for this episode.

The return of Minya oops I mean Sheena was great. I found it funny that this is the second weapon she managed to get her hands on of Xenas. I also REALLY loved Nasty Nell. She cracked me up and was such a funny character and I love how she had this strange parallel to Callisto throughout the episode but it was in a comedy way. My favorite line would have to be "You can't just knock me out and walk away!" I really hope we see her in future episodes and I thought the ending made it seem like we would. Also loved the child from hell. They thought Hope was bad :) And finally we find Ares' weakness and how powerless the big bad God of War has become because of a little girl.

I really like the flavor of comedy and think you hit the nail on the head with humor on Xena. I give the episode a solid 8 out of 10. Alright so we have seen a space setting uber and a hilarious comedy now I want some good butt kicking action and drama! :)


Congrads on yet another wonderful episode. You guys are great with comidies, hope there will be more of them. Annabel really did me in for this episode!


I practically fell off my chair at this line

GIRL (angrily):
Finders keepers, losers weepers. Get lost, moron!(to ares)

That little thing was very manipulative.

I really thought it was funny how Xena was whistling the Xena and Hercules theme songs. Although I kinda felt this was a bit of a shipper light episode, it was still hilarious. I'm hoping we see Annabel again.

BTW, great work on the collage. I love IT!!!


Yay! Great job, everyone!! I love the artwork and the choice of pictures - old Minya (er, Sheena) looks great! So I guess she gave up her dreams of becoming a thespian, after all?

Anyway, this ep was great. It really captured the classic Xena feeling, and it was very funny. It certainly was reminiscent of TQIM (a good thing!), especially since it had several of the same characters; however, it was different enough that it didn't feel like a copy of that ep at all.

Xena was very feisty in this ep! I enjoyed the return of Minya/Sheena and the introduction of Nell the Nasty. The casting was great, too, and the bit about the Ares action figure was hilarious.

Can't wait to see more!!


Finally finished reading this episode and loved it. It definitely has that classic comedy feel to it as LadyKate mentioned. The bantering between Xena and Gabrielle and Ares is great, I always love that. Annabel has to be one of my favorite characters, I think I'm a sucker for bratty children, and her and Ares are absolutely hilarious.

The images and collage are perfect!! I especially liked the collie dog with the chakram and the screaming Annabel.

Again you guys have done a wonderful job!! Thanks for all your hard work in bringing us some wonderful entertainment.