What are the Shipper Seasons?

The Shipper Seasons are a set of virtual seasons of Xena: Warrior Princess that take place directly after the series finale of the show. Their main focus is on the Xena and Ares relationship that will develop slowly over the course of the seasons but other characters such as Gabrielle, Eve, Virgil, as well as new characters, will have important parts to play as well. It won't always be about Xena and Ares. The goal is to develop the Xena/Ares relationship over a slow period of time; they will not be seen as a couple right off the bat.

Can I purchase the seasons and what channel are they on?

Sadly, a "no" to both of these questions. The Shipper Seasons are a work of fan fiction written by dedicated fans of the show. These are not "real" seasons that air on TV (though we all wish they did!) and they cannot be bought. You can, however, download each episode to your computer by visiting the episode guide pages and clicking on the pdf links to the episdoes.

This is probably a stupid question, but what about subtext?

Depending on how you saw it on the show, there's always the possibility of seeing subtext here as well, even though the season's main focus is on Xena and Ares. The Shipper Seasons tries to stay pretty true to the show the way TPTB intended but here, we intend to accelerate the Xena and Ares relationship to become a more intricate and important part of the show.

We do not intentionally write subtext into the seasons and for most viewers, subtext is non-existent here and Xena and Gabrielle are no more than very good friends and are like family. To find subtext, you might have to look really hard and it won't be obvious.

If you're looking for a season with subtext (or rather maintext), then this site is not for you. For that, you should check out the XWP Subtext VS.

When will episodes air?

The preferred time is every weekend. When a season starts, we will air a certain number of eps consecutively in a row, and then there will be several weeks without new episodes and it will start up again after that, continuing this way until the end of the season, creating three airings.

However, this isn't always (and lately hasn't been) the case. Be sure to check the episode guide page for possible airdates and the updates I will post under Updates on the home page to see if there are any changes to the schedule. I'll notify viewers via the site of these kinds of changes as soon as I know myself what exactly the schedule will be.

Why aren't episodes up when you say they will be?

There are always various reasons. Please refer to behind the scenes to see what it takes to get episodes ready to air. We try our best to get things done according to the schedule but things don't always go the way that we hope.

How do I become a writer?

We are pretty selective on who we choose to join the staff in order for us to keep the level of writing quality and storytelling we strive for in the Shipper Seasons. We aren't currently accepting help at this time.

Will season 10 be the end of the Shipper Seasons?

Yes. "All good things must come to an end", as they say. It will be a short season consisting of only 12-13 episodes. However, we will be bringing the Shipper Seasons to a great end and we hope not to disappoint! And look out for a virtual special for each season in the future.

What will happen to this site once the Shipper Seasons are over?

The site will continue to stay up indefinitely. I do not plan on taking it down, even though there are no new episodes being shown. It will be like any other fanfic site. After all, there are always new people finding this site and I want to give everyone a chance to read our stories as long as there are still people around who are interested in Xena: Warrior Princess and the Xena/Ares relationship. Plus, there are always people who like to come back and reread the old stories.

Do you have the episodes in a simple format, easy for printing?

Yes, we do. They are listed on the episode guide pages and you can download them from there.

What do I do if I have a question that isn't answered here?

Please send all inquiries--technical problems with the site or anything else you may have a question about--to me, the webmaster, via our contact page and I will try and answer your question the best that I can.