That was great!! Definitely worth the wait! A terrific season-ender.

I really liked the song part - it was almost like watching the real thing on tv. Gorgeous song, too. The graphic inserts were really beautiful, too. I especially liked the signs (Thanks Bob and friend.)

I also like how you managed to get those jokes in - "What about Bob?" I also liked it when Xena was quoting Ares from AUS. And how you got the "moth to the flame" thing in there.

Thanks for the great Season!

secular atrophy

this is wonderful! i love the way the conflicting desires in both xena and ares came through, and i love the humour. this is one of my favourite eps.


Hey really great job on this one guys It was great how you reversed the roles like that, and then how you turned the tables on ares so that xena seduced him like he did her, lol I loved it! Brilliant!


Great job you guys! Those role reversals really were Brilliant and the seduction scenes showed us ( and Ares) that Xena wasn't all that immune. Again Great, Brilliant, Awesome, Super, Magnificent Job on Season 8 as well as Season 7.

Looking foward to Season 9 !

Fine job by all concerned!


Great job guys! Finally got to read through the finished version and it looks really good!

What I love about this episode is it is a blend of comedy and drama together. Like Sais said, kind of like The Furies. Plus I saw this story evolve (and for the better)

From starting out to be a serious drama, and then to a comedy, then to a mix of both, then adding Darion, replacing Eve with Haimon and so on...

I really think this was a great season ender though. It was an interesting episode and it stuck out as an important episode because of what went into it. And I think Aurora deserves the credit because the song in the teaser fit really well and it turned out much better to "here" the song. Also I really enjoyed the images throughout the episode, and of course I've fallen in love with Xena's Goddess Costume. I mean it makes the 1 year and 7 month long Season worth it! And I can't wait for Season 9!!!

So great job guys and congratulations on a terrific season!


Very well-crafted ep - my compliments to the author emsemble! As others have pointed out, this one had a nice blend of comedic and dramatic elements, as well as guest appearances by the old Olympus gang. Good to see Discord back in action again, and I liked how Ares got to do comic bits but retain his fighting skills, unlike the H:TLJ and X:WP comedies in RL. It was also interesting to see Xena being seduced by the power and feeling of being the Goddess of War, and trying her best to reconcile that with her need to serve the Greater Good. The Gab-Haimon storyline was also well-done, although there's still lots of room for additional angst there, as I'm sure we'll see in SS9.

A fine season overall - I'm already looking forward to next year!


Well done, guys! It's a great ep. It's hard to pick favourite bits, but if I had to -- Xena's costume totally rocked, and so did the "pirate" fight scene ("ow me leg!"). And of course, Xena's line about Dite taking things literally -- "she would've just changed our boots", lol!


I've just finished the SS 8 finale and I had a great time reading the whole episode, but to me there were two moments that were priceless: that was to imagine the Warrior Princess by a table with candles and rose petals on it having dinner with the GoW and then the banners (specially the first one) that the villagers of the week made to their savers.

And I think that to have Xena and Ares switching places made for a great season finale episode.

Thank you Aurora, Ryan, LK, Tango and S2C. You rock.