WOW!!! Amazing episode!!!!

LK and Sais I can tell you make a good team, because this was yet another great episode. What a way to conclude the Nero Arc that has been building all season.

Even from the teaser I knew it was going to be a good episode, ending with the mother telling the little girl needing to learn to "clean up your messes" and then Xena's expression. Perfect, just perfect.

Good to see Haimon again as well. I'm starting to like the guy, although was a bit annoyed of his jealous streak. I like seeing their relationship develop over time.

And then their is Sabina. Sabina, Sabina, Sabina. You gotta love her, and I loved her even more in this episode. You guys have really done a great job with this character. I love her whole storyline as she starts to become her very own goody two-shoes (with cockiness and attitude). I think its funny to see her all embarrassed when Siran is around, afraid of what Xena might think. Its nice that Sabina has a little Gabrielle to help her along.

The rebellion against Nero was set up nicely, then of course adding our favorite War God into the mix. The Xena/Ares tension still seems to be there. Xena having trouble accepting the War God's choices and Ares warning Xena not to get invovled.

Interesting touch with Xena telling Gabrielle about Lykia killing Agrippina. Adding more chaos to the mix and anger towards Nero. Speaking of Nero, I love how he was depicted more "insanely sick." Always humming poetry and what not, fits in with the actual description of the historical Nero.

I enjoyed the way it ended, Gab going after Nero, Ares helping, Gab not killing him, and then Sabina following Gabrielle. Did I mention I love Sabina? In the end Sabina's goody two-shoes side prevailed (although she probably won't admit it) and she doesn't take Nero prisoner so she can become Empress. What growth of a character we were given.

Everything was wrapped up nicely in the end. Only thing I don't understand (maybe I'm not suppose to yet) is what happens to Nero? All we see is him in the wagon and Nero taking him away. Where's he going?

Overall it was an awesome, amazing, fantastic, why-didn't the writers-think-of-stuff-like-this, episode. I loved it this whole ARC! I give it a 11/10. 1 point extra just for having such a consistent amazing Arc and for having Sabina in it!

Nice job Sais and LK!!!!!

Btw, Aurora, LOVE the graphic. Perfect picture of Xena at the left, and Sabina in the corner


LK and Sais, this was a spectacular episode! I enjoyed every moment of it. The whole story arc with Sabina and Nero has really been great and has been handled so well. From last season when the character of Sabina was introduced, right through until the end of this season, we have seen so many changes in her character, and they seem totally believable to me, too.

This season's arc with Nero has been just awesome. We had Agrippina and Nero and Darion and Lykia and Sabina all connected in one huge arc, and everything came together and just fit--it really worked perfectly. It really must have been a huge challenge to incorporate all those things together and make them just "work". Awesome.

As for this episode, I thought it was very interesting that we see that Nero has finally snapped. Obviously, the fact that these rebellions are going on, he can't have Gabrielle like he's always wanted, and the killing of his mother by his own orders has really affected him. And ultimately, it's brought to his downfall.

I greatly enjoyed the Xena/Ares interaction, even though there were only small moments in the episode. I swear, whenever Ares shows up in the writing he just seems to bring something great to the episodes. Even if he has a very small part, he still brings a lot of life to the ep. He can be so charming and romantic and witty that it's no wonder Xena has a hard time resisting him.

It's very interesting to see Xena thinking that being with Ares is a mistake. I also liked the part where Xena asked Ares how it feels being worshipped.

I'm really enjoying the Gabrielle/Haimon relationship, too. It's nice to see that her luck with guys doesn't always have to turn out bad. The tension between them about Nero was interesting. I like the edge it gave their relationship.

I don't have much else to say other than I loved everything about this episode. A great conclusion to a great arc. Thanks LadyKate and Sais for bringing it to us!


Thought the episode was great guys.I loved Xena's annoyance with Haimon.Very funny to me.

I didn't appreciate Haimons jealosy .I understand all the comments made in support of his reaction but he can't just come in and expect all Gabbys attention to be on him when shes been (literally) to hell and back with Xena. Then getting upset about Nero. He should of realized how silly that argument was. Firstly Why would she mess up a perfectly good relationship with him for another man, secondly, Nero is an 'evil' ruler and is known for being a tyrant. Gabbs would never get involved with him.

Nevertheless, knowing how strong Gabbys and Haimons feelings are, will Gabby leave Xena for him?hmmmm

Xena's doubting if her relationship with Ares was a mistake. Ares isn't doing anything he wouldn't normally do. So the problem lies within Xena. She's searching for things so be angry with him about. Ares is actually doing things out of character for her(like not starting wars cause he knows how much that pises her off) Hes not doing anything to cause mistrust, so xena needs to deal with whatever her problem is because its causing problems within their relationship.

I did detect some Subberness. a little tooo much . Everywhere I looked, there was an 'affectionate squeeze' or a 'loving glance' But i'll let it slide. There just friends. I think I said that in my last review LK. How great it was that there is no compromising of their friendship just because we have Haimon and Ares around.

I loved that girl talk-ey moment Xena and Gabbs had in Xenas room where they turn to face each other to briefly discuss their men.

I'm also getting a Subber vibe from Sabina and Siran....(is that the curse guys?seeing subberness Everywhere. i think so. poor Deirdre can't watch a ep of Xena without searching for 'the subtext' *tear*)

Speaking of Sabina, I think she and Ares are similar in the fact that their only motivations to do good, is to please the people they love. (if this is not so,call me on it cause i forgot a lot of the eps.must reread)

Loved the humor in the ep guys(one word:Nero). and the format of how the little girl spilling milk mirrored xena having to clean up her mess in Rome. also how the flashbacks were executed and their importance in driving Gabbs to want to kill Nero.

Anyways, great ep guys


Read the ep a couple of weeks ago, but haven't found time to post until now. Very good episode, with a neat twist on the traditional tale of Nero's ignominious end. The whole handling of the Nero/Agrippina arc has been adroit and sophisticated throughout the season, and I loved the avoidance of the standard "Xena skewers another bad Emperor" cliche at the end.

Sabina's becoming a very complex and interesting adversary - "villain" isn't really an appropriate description for her anymore, is it? I liked how LK and Sais dealt with the strains of the Gab-Haimon relationship and the ironic parallel with Xena/Ares - both couples have some major problems with trust. I also enjoyed the contrast between the girls' problems with their SOs and the strength of Sabina's and Siran's relationship, even though Sabina is ostensibly the "bad guy."

Fine job by all concerned!


I finally finished reading TURNABOUT. To be completely honest, I loved the plot and the way the story went, but in the end when Ares did “the right thing” and helped to stop the war like a good guy and Sabina was definitely declared one more convert do-gooder, I thought I liked Sabina as a bad girl and Ares in his GoW mode doing his GoW thing better. But that's just me. Maybe it’s just that I have a problem with the long list of converts of the show. Anyway, not that TURNABOUT was any less enjoyable to me for that… I really had a good time reading it and from the teaser to the last act I was very interested in what was happening in the episode and was very curious about what Sabina’s real intentions with the civil war about to happen could be.

By the way, I think the SS team deserves a special big “thank you” from Gabrielle for having her finally have some fun SOOO long after Perdy Boy’s death. And the best part of it is that Haimon made it to the end of the episode very much alive. That was really nice of you. Actually, you were much nicer to Gabrielle than TPTB ever were.

And one last comment, I think that you made a great mad Nero. I really loved the way you made it and I think it’s a pity that there wasn’t a little bit more of him in TURNABOUT, before he was out the SS.

Now a little piece of dialog that I liked especially.

ANDRASH (sneering):
Is that all? Perhaps Siran would also like me the tuck the prisoners in and read them a bedtime story.
Siran, would you like Andrash to tuck the prisoners in and read them a bedtime story?
Siran shakes her head gravely.
Then that's all, Andrash.

I definitely love Sabina and I definitely love the SS.