I loved all the description,especially of the battle scene.I loved the humor btwn xena and gabby in the teaser with the horsies and the rain. (The "unscheduled bath."line reminds me off when joxer told xena "I thought you liked being filthy" in ISaIH.) Then theres the cozy setup for the fireside story-telling chat where we have nice Gabby/Ares interaction but see xenas obvious discomfort with his dreamy reminising(sp)about war.He reassures her there and later on in the ep but I still get the feelling Xenas not to sure about what she got herself into.

-I thought Gabriellles dismay over giving Darion up ws very touching.(I miss the kid too)

-I really liked xenas interaction with the spies. When read her"Dead is fine, too." response to his "your not taking us alive", I thought 'Wow that is such a Xena remark'.

-Ares' inspection of his offering while Actaeon is praying was funny.

-I loved Xena and ares' mimicing of each other in the temple. And i thought for sure he was gonna get in trouble for his appreciation of his well formed dancers in that scene too.

-Actaeon "I, I--didn't realize your relationship was--that special"Ha!,he has no idea

-At the end of act three , i though"Ahh,What if he doesn't come" You know not appreactiating his girlfriend calling him up at her hearts desire espeacially to stop a war. But he did. If he hadn't I think that would have made for some good drama.

-lining up the chakram throw to take out the three generals so that the war would momentarily stop-Nice!

-Great plot twist the Actaeon possibly being a bad guy but turns out to be really honorable.

-Xena/Ares garden scene. Its amazing how shes able to stay on track with the hunk of burning love all over her. A true test of greatness, I say.

-I love that xena and gabbys great friendship is still in tact.

Just overall I think you guys do X:WP really well and I love this ep.(can you tell, how many times has the word love been said)


Waiting three months for this episode was worth it. I enjoyed every line of it.

I think the way Xena and Ares dealt with their "differences" was very well done and convincing. And I think their interaction was great as it always is in the SS. To me it's an important part of everything that makes the SS so good.

One of my favorite moments of it probably wasn't meant to be anything special when it was written, but I really loved it and found it very exciting. That was when Xena rescued that goat about to be sacrificed in Ares temple. That's what I would like to see happening in the real world, but as there's no Warrior Princess to turn up in the last minute to save all the animals that are sacrificed every day here for this or that reason, I think it feels always good to see it happening in fiction.

I also loved to see in this episode the story involving the medallion and the special powers some people strongly believed it had, because I find that kind of belief in inanimate objects always so interesting and curious.

Thank you for one more great shipper episode girls. You are the best.


It was wonderful having a Shipper Season episode to read again, the long wait was worth it. Everyone who worked on the episode did an excellent job. The story line was great and it was nice to see some absent characters again. I have to say the goat scene was my favourite.

I do however, have one little criticism. Don't start throwing things at me! Xena's continuing attitude towards Ares and war. You think the issue is finally resolved and they've worked through it or at least accepted that this is the way things are but it continues to pop up again and again and again. Can we have an episode where things are finally resolved or just drop it? Deal with it or end the relationship and I'm sure none of us want that.

It just no longer seems in character, it did in the beginning just not now. OK, please don't hurt me.


Finally got around to reading the episode, and what can I say? Another awesome episode It was worth the wait!

I loved the set up of the whole episode. I was very interested by the "medallion" and in the end learning that it had no power. Another pointless war over the lust of power...

I really enjoyed the Xena and Ares tension. And I'm glad to here these issues are soon to be dealed with. You can slowly see it start to build starting back with The Rebel.

Gabrielle and Haimon were great too. Loved their interaction with each other and the bringing up of Darion. Actually I wonder if the curse of Gabrielle is affecting Haimon, cause whenever he is around her he always ends up getting hurt

I also liked how Antigone made another appearance. She is an interesting character and it was nice to see how she has come along in ruling over Thebes. The battle scenes were great too. Xena taking out the three generals with her chakram. Then of course Xena saving the goat in the beginning was classic too. And I like how we were kind of led to believe that the cloaked figure during the end battle was Ares (or atleast thats who I thought it was), only to turn out to be Antigone.

Overall a great episode and its nice to read another Shipper Seasons episode. Can't believe the season is almost over. The only problem I had with this episode is the whole war thing seems to be getting a little old for me. I understand that you have to have wars because it is Xena, but it seems like all of the major episodes are like wars between two kingdoms. I just feel these should kind of be limited

Still a great episode and look forward to seeing more! I give it a 8.5/10.

Great job Aurora, LK, and Tango!


After waiting for so looooooooooooooong it is finally here. I took my time and savored every last word, so it took me about 2 hours to read this ep, when it would only take me about an hour. Of course i also had intermission.

But anyway, let me get straight to the feedback. Just let me start off by saying this was a well written ep, it was definitely a ep worth waiting for. I would have to say the mood of this ep was very serious, and at times emotional, which is portrayed with the character Antigone who experienced betrayal from her husband, after finding out that their marriage was just a big scheme to retrieve certain land.

Also when reading either the teaser or the first act, and Ares was telling Gabby and Xena the story of the great battle fought and about the medallion that was made, to me it was kind of foreshadowing the whole episode. I didn't know if that was intended, but i found that pretty neat.

I also liked the teasing going on between xena and ares, and gabby and ares. Especially were he was elaborating on the story, and u pan to gabby, being as naive as she is, is scribbling everything done and then she realizes he is misleading her. I found that funny.

Anyway that's all i have for now. Overall, very well done. I can't think of anything right now. It 11:51pm here in Canada and it has been a loooooooooong day, so if i think of anything i will add it.


I absolutely loved the last episode. I finished it like a day after it was posted. But my computer went wacky on me so I couldn't really say how much I liked having what's his name walk in on Ares and Xena. The lines were just hilarious. And might I say that the Shipper Seasons does a great job portraying Ares.