LOVED the new ep! great job


Great Episode!!!

Bringing up the whole Evander situation was a great idea!!!

The scene at the end between Xena and Ares was nice. It shows how much they have developed in their relationship. If this had happened earlier she probably would have beat him up or something.

Another good scene was when Xena and Gab were watching Nemesis and Ares argue.

I liked when Gabrielle stood up for Ares by saying "He loves Her" and Xena's reaction.

Good plot and idea. you guys are great


Thanks guys!

Although much of the credit goes to Aurora and LK, they came up with the original idea and LK wrote the outline. I gave a little input and then wrote the episode based on that. So they deserve a little more of the credit then me.

Since it isn't technically my whole episode, I'll give a review on the parts I didn't come up with.

First of all, I think it was a wonderful idea to bring Evander into the picture. The character is so interesting because of his powers and his background. Aurora came up with most of the flashbacks from the Herc episodes and I think they fit well, it was interesting to see how they peiced together.

It was good to see Evander going up against the gods, after he blames them for so much and then Xena and Gabrielle having to save them - worshippers of Ares too! It really goes to show that it doesn't matter what you believe in, as long as you aren't hurting anybody else.

I like how we got to see that Ares cared for his son (not telling Xena about him) and you can see that he is really unsure about his feelings towards him. He doesn't really know what it's like to be a father.

It's good to see Gabrielle and Xena convincing Nemesis that Ares has changed. It reminds me of a debate between shippers and subbers and I like how some of Nemesis' explanations were used as arguements (he was only looking out for himself).

Xena struggling with Ares past was good too. I like it how she gets angry at Ares but then she just has to stop and realize that she can't hold his past against him because he has changed (notice the clip about the stone in the lake that I added in there).

This was really a great episode and I am glad that I could be apart of it. I don't think it would be quite fair to rate it, because...well I gave some input on it and I KNOW all of my work deserves a 10 j/k

Oh, plus I have to give bonus points for the montage. Probably my favorite one that you have done Aurora! I love how Evander is shown as a child with Ares, a toddler, and then as an adult. Plus it was good to have Nemesis on there too. Again, great job!


I loved the concept of how Xena/Gabrielle come to the aid of Ares' worshippers and other worshippers of the Olympians. It's really a 180 from what we've seen before. Usually, it's those being persecuted by the Olympians, not the other way around. That was LK's idea and I think it worked very well.

All around, it was a great episode (and since I didn't have a lot to do with how it turned out, I can say that ). Great job to all involved.

Sais 2 Cool

great job, ryan . you continue to reinforce my faith in the younger generation (god i sound so old saying that .)

a very educational episode for me. not being a herc watcher i had no idea about this evander situation. nice to know xena and gabby have company when it comes to dysfunctional parenting


This epsiode was just breathtaking! It had just the right amount of conflict, tenstion, history, and of course the sweetness at the end

It was a brilliant idea to bring Evander into the Xenaverse. I like creative original sotries too, but I also like stories where the past (not a revealing past but what they actually produced in the show) comes back to add to the story. It's the whole connection aspect.

It's odd how us the audience knew about Evander all along but to Xena it was an unkown part of Ares' past. And for once it wasn't something he did to her or someone she loved. I just thought that was interesting.

I liked the way Xena stood up for Ares in front of Nemesis it was very tense moment.

Then Ares jumping in between Xena and Evander was a great moment. I know it was the plan to do that all long but still the image of it alone is enough make this shipper a very happy camper.

And of course it's a given that I simply fell in love the scene at the end. No kiss but very sweet and tender. These comfort scenes always add a nice flare to the shipper season episodes.

Thanks for the wonderful episode and good luck with the rest of the season!