Shipper Queen

Wonderful ep, everyone!!

Argo talking was great!! Especially the end with her telling Xena about what to buy. I loved the idea of having the little girl be the goddess, and listening to animals for once was good. The scenes with Ares were very good too, I missed having him be a part of the eps. Him pouring his heart out to an actually understanding Xena was adorable

Battleing Angel

omg you guys!! That episode was awesome... loving Argo.. she is fantastic!! I really, really, really, really, really loved it!!


Great ep guys. I was laughing so hard...


This was too good for a filler episode! That is one of the things I like about the SS7 and 8. Even the episodes that don't move the whole series along, but are just fun bouts are high quality. No bottle shows here! This was GREAT!!!


Great episode! I enjoyed absolutely every line of it! This is the kind of story that makes you forget the world around you while you are reading it. It was very nice to see Xena actually 'talking' to Argo and playing a pet detective!

And, of course, it was great to see a warrior going vegetarian. OK, it was just for a couple of days and she was not happy about it. But anyway...



Well I finally had time to read it. But I have to say when I read the logline I was a little unsure about this episode. At first I kind of thought "well I guess this will end up being the first shipper episode that I am not going to like..."


It was a wonderful episode and such a funny idea. I like how Xena became something like the Beastmaster. I also loved the interaction with Argo, she is such a good horse. The Xena and Ares stuff was great too. I liked how he opened up his heart to her Well I can't wait until hiatus is over and we get to see how the rest of the season plans out, I am excited to see what happens next!

So again, wonderful job Aurora, Tango, and LadyKate