GREAT EP!!!! I loved it. good job ladies!!! Ares encounter with Livia was very funny. I thought it was great for Eve to see the different sides of her so she can see how much she has really changed, so much that she is a completely different person. Keep up the great work.


I think you captured the "three faces of Eve" really well. I liked how Xena was jealous - that was so in character. And I liked the little line about setting the baby Amazon's bedtime!


First of all, I loved this episode. It was such an interesting idea and it's good to see the differences between the three. The only thing I noticed is Eve II seemed a little to "peaceful." I think she should have been a little less "you must have faith in Eli and blah blah blah..." I mean she was still suppose to be "Eve." But other than that I think everything was handled well. I love Darion and the way he is handled, what a kid! Ares was good here too, and I can just see is expression when Eve bursts into his temple in Livia clothes.

Also I love that Sabina is back I never remember her being sent to the Amazons, it's been a while. But it's cool that she is out their and I can see the character development affecting her. LOL and I love how she saved Gabrielle, and then knocked her out.

Anyways you guys are doing great! I can't wait to see the rest of the episodes and where they lead. Especially with the Sabina storyline, the whole searching for Darion's sister, and we got that Roman Emperor that is bound to explode sometime...



I thought 'Three Way Split' rocked!

Having reread it this morning, I was even more impressed than I was last night. While the plotline was predictable; that is not always a bad thing. Too many twists and turns can ruin a series (ex. Dawson's Creek). The plot twist is too overused in television today. Give me a nice predictable story written exceptionally well, like here, and I'm a happy woman. The best scene was Livia going after the Amazon children and capturing Darion. I wanted to kill her myself.

And Sabina's return was wonderful. I like the idea that she's not a cookie cutter villian, nor is she completely redeemable. I hope she gives Xena a long and difficult chase! YOU GO GIRL!!!

Sais 2 Cool

this was a GREAT episode. it kept me in suspense right up to the very end. a treat to see sabina. gods--that woman gets under xena's skin like no one else L.



This episode was very unique and creative. It was much more than I thought it would be.

When I first read this idea for the 3 different faces of Eve coming out I imagined a split personality plot but what you've done is much better. By having Eve's other personality physicaly co-exist with the current Even there's more drama and tension. I also loved the whole "Livia meets Sabina" subplot. Now those two made one heck of a team (even though they're slightly more on the evil side) I'm loving Sabina's character development she's come a long way since we first saw her. Every time she appears we see a new side of her. And of course, as usual, I enjoyed Ares' brief appearance. It's always a treat to have our fav. couple fight side by side.

It's been well worth the wait and keep up the great work


Well, I finally (!!) read this ep, and what can I say -- it's without a doubt one of the best ones yet!!

The subplot with Sabina really made this ep for me. Not only did it add depth and that crucial plot twist, it also furthered the development of her character in a way I completely hadn't forseen. Enigma should be her middle name. I absolutely fell for her bad-girl Callistoish antics, and was most pleasantly shocked by the way she turns around and does a good thing for a change -- but always, always with her own welfare firmly in mind.

Actually, she kind of reminds me of the 'reformed' Ares in that, or equivalently, of the kind of person Xena would have become after Herc, had Gabrielle not been there to encourage her progress. Sabina isn't exactly redemption material, and yet, and yet... It seems that somehow, having grown a conscience, she just may get there herself, on her own terms. Or not. Perfect ambiguity there.

Perhaps the only thing that made me slightly apprehensive was Xena's depression, which was only really obvious when she was talking privately with Ares. It seems that she has lost confidence in herself, and is doing a damn good job of trying to fool everyone that she's fine - herself first of all. The question is, can Ares feel it? It bothered me that he disappeared and let her handle the problem on her own 'just to teach her a lesson' (though I'm certain that neither Ares nor Xena would dream of seeing it that way). I imagine that having her nose ground in the dust this way (on top of not being able to defeat Livia or recapture Sabina) wouldn't do much to lift the WP's flagging spirits.

Poor Xena. It sucks when your job demands that you remain 25 and your body insists that it's getting on to 40... How will Xena's principles about the virtues of mortality live up to the natural consequences of same? And what about Ares?

Shipper Queen

The episode was great, and I was really happy to have Sabina back again. It was really...her, when she sort of repaid her debt to Xena, and I look forward to seeing what happens next in that.

More Ares please!! He was great in this, but it's a little sad that no matter what, they can't get away from those key problems, and it all keeps going around in a circle.

Looking forward to next episode


Great episode!

Before I read this one (though I didn't read the others of season 8 and most of season 7) I thought that I probably wouldn't like it much because I didn't like Livia and hated the preacher Eve on the show. But it seems that you made something more interesting with Eve in the Shipper Seasons than what we had on the TV show.

I loved the plot and I especially liked to see Xena really fighting Livia and really willing to kill her if she had to.

Thank you, Aurora, LK and Amber for one more nice episode!


Well done, Aurora/Amber/LK (and anyone else who may have been involved)! Excellent story concept, turning the original FMN theme on its ear, and a good illustration how much character development Eve's undergone in the Virtual Season as well - I doubt that this kind of ep would have worked with the Eve that we saw in S6. The action was well-integrated with the storyline, and characters and dialogue rang true throughout.

Sabina is definitely a great adversary, the kind of foe that I would have liked to see Najara turn into in S4, minus the koo-koo aspects of course. It's good to see her turn up again, and having Livia set her free was a great touch.

I also liked Ares in this ep. As most of you know, I tend to worry about Ares getting too "mushy" in an X/A storyline, and his ambiguous actions were a reassuring sign that the GOW is still undomesticated at heart.

First-rate ep - looking forward to the next one!