This is the cutest episode ever! First of all, I love the whole "Darion cried wolf" thing to lead the episode to the party! He was so cute, and especially when he demonstrated how he screams - ( "DARION (puzzled): Wolf? When I cry, it sounds more like WAHHHH!!!" lmao!)

Also, Ares planning a part like that? BRILLIANT! And even though he wasn't happy to see Herc, the reaction of Hercs to Ares and Xena kissing *choking* is classic. It was perfect! I couldn't even imagine a more perfect way for the Herc and Iolaus to react to the news that Ares and Xena were together (I had always wondered about that).

My favorite thing about the entire episode- GREBA!!!!!!!!! Don't get me wrong, I loved loved loved LOVED Gascar too...But Greba stole the episode! I am hoping to see a lot more of the two of them *hint hint*

I totally worship this episode!


Great Episode you guys! I never would have suspected some of the villians in this episode...

GREBA?! and the whole interaction with hercules and ares i loved it! This episode was well worth the wait, Keep up the good work!



Great episode guys!

Loved the whole idea of Xena having a birthday. The Xena and Ares interaction was great and I have been waiting for the Shipper Season to do something with Hercules and his reaction to the X/A relationship. It was handled well.

Some parts towards the end of the episode were a little confusing, you would have to have seen Old Ares had a Farm and read Five in the Bed and the Little One Said... to understand them.

Loved the ending with Xena and Ares and her promising that she wouldn't die and stay another year I liked the Herc and Iolaus interaction too at the end. The whole "Good thing some friends never change." I think most Herc fans would have been happy if this was how Herc had ended on Xena instead of him killing his father.

The jokes and stuff were great too, I was copying quotes but I noticed that I had a majority of the episode

Anyways great job Tali and Carly!

Can't wait for the next ep!


great episode, guys . lots of really intelligent wit here. among my favorites were:

"They must have stolen Darion's toy dragon from my room after they knocked me out. Good thing you showed up when you did, or I would have spent years trying to explain to everyone that I was framed by a one-armed man..."

and my favorite of all:

ARES (approaches them, sourly):
Found an audience for your legendary journeys?

HERCULES (rolls his eyes):
Just be grateful I haven't gotten to any stories where you're a guest star...


Thank you Tali, Carly, Lk and Aurora (for the nice montage).

It's the first "Xena Birthday" episode I see. We had two "Gabrielle Birthday" episodes on the TV show but I don't remember Xena's birthday ever beeing mentionned.

I found out there were shipper virtual seasons on the web a short time ago. And sometimes I think I'll begin reading the latest episodes instead of beginning by the beginnig. Because everytime I see the comments about a new episode in this TB I feel like going there to read it even if I know there are some things I'll miss because I've hardly began reading the 7th season...

Anyway, I think I'll just read the spoils here and read the full episode later. I can't wait to see what the next one will be!


This was a great ep, I laughed a lot while reading it.

I really enjoyed Hercules' reaction to Xena and Ares kissing or in the words of Iolaus, Ares was trying to "strangle" her. (what, with his tongue?)

Hercules and Ares were defiantly on edge in this episodes. It was nice that they were able to hold it together (though it would have been funny if there had been some sort of fight over Xena between Hercules and Ares ). And I kinda got the feeling that Ares was trying to rub it in just a little that he was with Xena and Herc wasn't, especially when he moved closer to her in that one scene, as if to tell Herc that "yeah, we're together, deal with it".

As always, Darion was a sweetie. Him telling Xena that there were ten thousand men in the barn made me laugh and Xena's reaction to what he said, "how big is this barn?"

Seeing Greba and Gasgar working together was hilarious and totally unexpected! Greba can't have Ares so she goes for some thug of a warlord. I can really see Greba doing that, because she's such a helpless person and needs someone to protect her, even if it is a guy with one arm.

And, of course, the end was so very shippery and I loved it.

And the disclaimer was so funny!

Great job Tali, Carly and LK.


Very Cute Episode, Great job!! Just like the Solstice episode it was great to see everyone together.

and I just wanted to say that when the character Darion was first introduced, I didn't like him. It felt out of place to have a little kid tagging along and I thought he was annoying. But now i've gotten really attached to him. He is a real sweetheart, and very cute, and has also brought some good conlifcts in episodes and made the plot richer.

great character. Keep up the good work!!!


Great episode!

Bout time Xena's birthday was celebrated and I'm glad it was Ares who decided this! It was nice to see good 'ol Herc again too! Darion is so cute!


Awesome job, as usual.

I've been out of here for a while and it was such a nice treat to have that to come back to!

Shipper Queen

Wonderful episode and well worth the wait-- Was great to see Dite and Discord again


Ah Discord is up to her old tricks I see This was a wonderful episode and I just love how sweet Ares is It totally made my day!

Keep those eps coming!

Also Known as Dafi

I enjoyed the episode, but I was disappointed of the whole Hercules-Ares-Xena thing. I wanted it to get more attention, I wanted Hercules and Ares start fighting and getting angry with each other (even if Xena asked to be nice). Or maybe it's just me... But it was over too soon and I just think Hercules wouldn't let Ares get away with that.

Still, a great episode... I can't wait to read the next episode.