Shipper Queen

Great episode!

I loved seeing Ares again -- missed him in the last two. Darion cracks me up, he's such a sweetie! And I really liked the punishment/reward mixture for hiding from Dahak, how they were able to hide and survive, but no they have to face the punishment. Can't wait for more!


as always, this episode was great (took you long enough! ) i also missed Ares, thanks for having him in this ep! and i loved some of the lines in this ep!


That was great! I really enjoyed it - man, Darion is so cute!

Valkyrie of War

Ladies That was worth the time I spend on checking wether there is a new episode or not



Well my initial reaction when I started was "God I hope Ares is in this" It's been weeks since we heard from him! But is appearance certainly was worth it!

Anyways I loved this episode, in many different waits. First I would like to comment on how the writer (Aurora) managed to capture the beauty of the forest. Your descriptions made me feel like I was actually there.

I loved Darion as well. He really seems to be "growing up" and becoming more older and outspoken, not to mention funnier. I have to tell you my first reaction when Darion was written in was I didn't think it would work out, but it defiantly has! The mother/son relationship between Gabrielle and Darion is written greatly.

I enjoyed the Xena/Ares parts too and I just love seeing them as a "couple." The story itself was great too. I like visiting "new places" every once in a while and I liked the whole Avalon myth.

Great job Aurora! It was an excellent episode!


Thank the gods that there wasn't another tragic misery in Brittania. I guess Brittania didn't turn out to be another Rome for Xena and Gabby.

Good to see Ares and Darion rejoining the cast! I've missed them....especially Ares. I just love the scenes he shares with Xena...romantic, comedy, action -- they all make up the total package that I can't simply go without


I love the Shipper Seasons! You are just the best team of writers. Every time I see a new episode I have no doubts that the wait for it was worthy.

Thank you Aurora, LK, Tango, ( btw thanks for the welcome, girls )all the team of writers and everyone else involved with the making of the SS!!! YOU ROCK!!!!

I hope you will keep the SS going even if it takes some time for us to have a new episode!


as an animal lover i read this episode with one eye closed-- but despite that--or perhaps because of it-- i appreciated the moral dilemmas presented . also some realy nice, vivid writing that created a lush picture. too bad we couldn't have seen this as an ep.

rather shocked that gabby would even know to spread THAT rumor .