I liked this episode! But you can cut the disclaimer. There are WAY too many annalogies to the war against terrorism and the current conflict in Iraq. I got it when they mentioned the merchants driving up prices due to the battle with the dragon. Then the whole story shifted into place as a critque of modern society and warfare. Well done.

Valkyrie Of War

To LK: Thanks for the nice birthday present! I was happy to get it as a surprise!

Do agree with Ari, it is a nice play. One that one should also read again in the original version... LK thanks for reminding that this was written in 1943, especially because it is still so up-to-date.

Simple, but honest BRAVO from my side.

P.S. I am starting to miss Ares Guess that's good for the next episodes, isn't it


a real treat for the "classic xwp" fan, coupled with LK's brand of wit and dialogue that i could pick out in a crowd make for a nice change of pace . a tight little episode in this rather "epic" season .

i guess my subber leanings were far more subby than i ever realized because VoW's post was like a slap upside my head when i realized "duh!!! ares wasn't in this episode! i never even realized he was gone! " sorry, shippers . one also has to wonder how truly dedicated LK is to the shipper cause when she keeps coming up with these ares-lite episodes .


Finally got around to reading it (man has it been a long week).

Anyways it was a good episode. I agree it was like a classic Xena episode and had everything a Xena episode should (except Ares ). At first I did think it was relating to world events, I had no idea it was a play.

But even though we didn't get Ares, it was good to see Darion. I just want to know why Gab would want to go back to Brittania...

But anyways, this was an all around good episode, I have no complaints.

Great job!


I finally got some time to sit down and read!

Thanks for bringing back the classic Xena feel LK I really enjoyed it.

I also thought it was clever to put the storyline [that is the first time X&G visited and killed the dragon] in the midst of the YAT events Obviously they managed to ditch Nigel for a while

I was reading everyone's responses and the stuff about the original play....I recall an episode of the classic sitcom "I Love Lucy" also using this plot (A woman being sacrificed to a horrible dragon and the hero falls in love with the soon-to-be sacrificed woman). It was a dream episode where everthing was make-believe and nothing was serious, but now I see where they came up with the plotline

Well done, LK

P.S. Like every other shipper, I miss Ares too