Valkyrie Of War

Thanks for the wonderful story! Liked it, great job Amber and LK!

Really cool!

Missed Ares, of course, but so it get's a little bit more exciting!!!


That was great - I really enjoyed that.

I liked getting a bit more of the background of Eve and Virgil - that twist about his cousin was very clever. I liked Borlos! I think my favourite line would be:

"Long before that, Eve showed
through Livia."

Good job, guys.


Well...what can I say

Another great episode, even if it was missing Ares. I think that Ares actually would have taken the focus off Eve so it fit just right.

It was good to have an episode with Eve dealing with fighting and Livia. Their was some good Eve/Virgil stuff too. Can't wait to see the rest of their relationship.

The only thing I had a problem with was that this episode seemed to go a little fast at parts (such as the ending), like I think it should have been a little more detailed at some parts.

But other than that it was a great emotional episode and it is good to have an Eve focused episode on her path.

Nice job Amber


Oh Amber you truly capture the essence of Eve. I know it's because she's your favorite character, but still since I find it difficult to write her [probably since she got so few episodes even with the Livia-eps combined] I really think you deserve a pat on the back

I had forgotten all about Joxer's evil-twin [literally]! How that assassin ended up with a kid is beyond my understanding *hehe* but the whole cousin deal with Virgil was a cool idea.

I had always thought that Virgil and Eve could have some kind of development/relationship and now it's confirmed! Personally, I prefer Virgil/Eve than Virgil/Gabrielle that TPTB hinted at [didn't they?] Although it does follow that notion of like father like son, but a relationship between Virgil and Eve is [to me] more interesting because of the confilct/issues and of course they didn't start off on the right foot in the beginning. This is pretty much the reason why I like Ares and Xena's relationship.....they had to work so hard and go through so much to get to where they are now [in SS8] Let's face it, any interesting relationship on this show is not ALLOWED to be a made in fairytale match-up ......we want the tension, the drama, and the chemistry.

I missed our dear GOW but I liked the part where the men mentioned him...."I heard she's [Xena's] soft on the GOW"