Great episode!

I really liked the way Sabina was brought into all of this. I am impressed that the Shipper Powers That Be decided to hold her off for a while, just so her character wasn't overused. I also liked how Sabina is starting to become more of a "Xena" and how Siran is starting to affect her life.

Although it was short the X/A part was nice. Seems like the tension between them is starting to show.

I can't wait to see where the rest of this Nero Arc goes.

Keep up the good work!


An absolutely wonderful episode, a perfect combination of strong characters, strong drama and a good dose of moral dilemmas into the mix. The conflict between "pandering to a mob" and "showing mercy" was wonderfully played out - I really could sympathise with both sides there!

Sabina remains an interesting character - a bit like a sane Callisto. I like that she seems apparently unrepentant about her actions, and yet she can still harbour warm feelings for a friend in trouble. It rings very true to her character.

Also loved the A/X tension in this ep. As Ryan said, you can definitely see the strain starting to show - and it seems like both are starting to have doubts about the direction of this relationship. I also came away with the feeling that the strain on Xena is spilling over into her relationship with Gabrielle as well - I was deeply shocked that Xena didn't tell Gab that she was going to rescue Sabina. I guess when Xena is lonely, she shuts down and keeps out even the closest people - but it will be interesting to see how long this will take before Gab notices and confronts her.

All up, a terrific ep!!


I just wanted to add my two cents worth. I thought this episode was FABULOUS!!! I mean, 'Bloodlust 1 & 2' are still my favorite, but this come in a close third. It is definitely the best of Season 8! I when I heard about Sabina saving Sarin. I was worried she'd just reform all in one or two episodes, but the writers here seem to understand that if Sabina does reform it will be a long and gradual process. The Rome stuff was excellent and I like the way they have set up the coming massacre by Nero. Most people think the Romans just persecuted the Christians for kicks, but like their alagory, the Elijians, they and their beliefs did threated Roman legal authority. Not that the Romans were right, but there was method and purpose to their madness. The SS8 writers have taken this into account and I think they are doing one HECK of a job! Good Work!!!

Shipper Queen

I was doing a happy dance when I found this was posted, and it lived up to all my expectations I loved it, I loved Xena, I loved Ares -- I even loved Gabby! All the characters were great, and the story was wonderful. Kudos to the writers!


What an excellent episode. I loved the plot! I guess Xena and Rome/Roman Emperors were never meant to be on "good terms" for an extended period of time.....I'm definitely seeing a shadow of darkness in Nero [big surprise huh ] I also liked seeing signs or at least possibilities of a Xena-type redemption in Sabina. She's the best villain we've had in a long time since Callisto.

Great job all!