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The quality of the episode was above and beyond what I expected Interesting choice Eve made. And nice job with Ares' choice. I'm glad the choices weren't what we all speculated to be...ok, I can't say anymore without spoilers so I'll stop it here Aain great jobe with the episode, it was an excellent 2 parter.

I originally perdicted that Eve would stop herself from killing Joxer [at least long enough so Xena could stop her or something] and Ares would undo the ice-cave ice-coffin deal, but now we all now how THAT wouldn't have worked.

The "aren't we moving too fast" line cracked me up as well! It's just like Ares to say such a comment


That was just FANTASTIC!!! I was alternately laughing my head off and gasping with surprise! It was completely not what I'd expected; I was really impressed.

That twist with Ares not giving up him immortality - wow. I really didn't see it coming, and it was just perfect, and exactly right.

Thanks guys - it was worth waiting for!


You know, it's kind of amazing how much (and fast) the Xena/Ares relationship can develop once the trust factor is finally put in place between them. It's like, Xena not trusting Ares was really the only major hurtle they had to overcome and once that happened, their relationship was set to take off. That was one of the interesting things about the alternate timelines where Ares does something for Xena without setting up some sort of deal (other than wanting to genuinely help her).

I loved the scene reminiscent of the AUS temple scene--only this time, it was for real on both Xena and Ares' parts.


Wow! Great job guys! Excellent ending. I really like where this two parter went. I love the whole "everything happened for a reason."

I liked the whole Livia getting locked in her room scene. It reminded me of Xena trying to deal with her as a teenager. I liked all the different obstacles of the Twilight, like the one with Gab being driven insane by the Furies and killing baby Eve. I liked how must of the lines ended up being used. Like "it's a package deal"

The only thing was that it seemed a little different from part one because it seemed like the first one cut right to the chase and the bad part happened. On this one it seemed to drag on a little, like with the Livia scene it seemed like it was showing us to much of what we already saw in the actual episode.

But anyways I LOVED it! Nice work to all the writer's on an excellent season so far. None of them have disappointed me yet!

Valkyrie Of War

*applause* To ALL the writers of the SS8 team!!!

It is so much fun to read your stories and it is amazing how fast you all have grown into the characters.

You all catched up very fast to really bring all these characters back to life with your stories/ideas and all those lovely and very adorable sentences/lines.

I really love the sarcasm, fun and the those well hidden littel "he said, she said" scenes. It's just perfect!