Possibly the best episode we've had so far - and certainly the best restrospective. A round of applause for LadyKate!!


Wow, LK! I told you on Yahoo Messenger yesterday that I liked what I'd seen of the ep, but I love the whole thing!

I think my favourite parts had to be seeing evil Callisto again, and the whole reworking of THE PRICE to include Ares. I definitely need to rewatch the episode. But those are only just my favourite bits - the rest is just as good.

Annnd... because I did not feel like doing anything particularly constructive (read: non-shipper) today, I made an illustration...

Shipper Queen

I'm seconding one of the best eps award to this one! It's so nice to see how things would have turned out Thanks to the writers Can't wait till next week


Wow, excellent episode! It was way worth the wait. It was just something different and I loved it. It kind of proves the point about "everything happens precisely as it should." Also thanks for making it easier for us by putting all of the images they are watching in a border. I think that it made it a lot easier, I couldnt imagine just trying to explain in with flashbacks.

Oh yeah and I have one question, I didnt get the whole thing of the cult leader being called Hope. Because Gabrielle's daughter was only called Hope because she named her that. I doubt that some other lady would have the same idea. Oh well doesn't really matter, great episode none the less.

It will be interesting next week to see Ares and Eve's life. I am guessing that Eve will try and change killing Joxer because she doesnt want to hurt Virgil, cause I don't think that she would want to try and change her whole past, because bad things could still happen. For Ares at first I thought he would change himself killing Eli but now that I think about it he should probably change the whole taking Xena and Gab to the ice tomb. We'll we will just have to wait until next week...

Anyways, EXCELLENT job LadyKate, this is one of my favorites and I can't wait for part 2.



Wow wow wow. That was just incredible. I agree with Tango; definitely the best so far.

Firstly, the teaser really did tease! I couldn't wait for the next page to load. Each scene was just fascinating - not just the flashbacks, but the way the characters reacted, and the way the other characters reacted to their reactions!

And the plot followed on completely logically. That was what probably would've happened. It all made perfect sense.

Can't wait for next week!


And I third the "best episode" comment. I just love pondering about the "what if's" and the whole "could have" and "might have" aspects of the show.

Another thing I liked was that this wasn't another REMEMBER NOTHING, where it was automatically reality and the fact that all four of them get to watch it together. We also get to see the first remote control aka bead on string

Great job LK and whoever is writing the next ep I can't wait to read Eve and Ares' choices and how it turns into a horrific nightmare....

Valkyrie Of War

Hi Lady Kate

I take a bow, all those different levels and the mixture of them, whow!

Definitely the most complicated experiment you and the others of course started. Would have been nice to see this on TV!!!

As all the others I can't wait to read part two and the final conclusion.


Ordinarily, I hate to pile on, but in this case . . .

Excellent ep, LK - definitely the best of the season so far! I might as well tell you all that I'd sent LK an e-mail before Christmas outlining what I liked and what I wasn't too crazy about in SS8 to date. Most of the crabby part of the e-mail was me complaining that Ares was getting rather too "nice" for my tastes, like watching Heathcliff pass out the scones and crumpets at high tea. Well, Ep 7 has shut me up on that score!

I was particularly impressed with the way LK wove alternative storylines for The Price and Sacrifice consistent with Ares's character in both S2 and S3. In particular, the alternate Price makes perfect sense - how better to recapture the Warrior Queen than to offer her an army in her time of need, with no Gab to provide a different answer? The twist at the end of the alternate Sacrifice was good and nasty as well, and I think LK caught Ares's self-interest and fear and very well.

Of course, in the end maybe I just enjoy seeing poor Gab get traumatized . She's such a nice girl - why is it so much fun to see her suffer? I must be sick!