Good job, guys!!

What I loved most about this ep, being the Xenacentric shipper I am , was the undercurrent of sadness in the way Xena was reacting to everyone sitting around the fire and being all cosy and, well, human. It must be tough having a god for a boyfriend. I was hoping for more of a role for Ares, but his near-absence actually fits in well with the idea that there are things that Ares can't really be a part of. *sigh* I'm so Xena-centric that the entire episode had a very bittersweet feel to me because of this - interesting, in a Solstice ep... Hm... Had this been a real ep, it could have inspired fanfic of the angsty variety!


Nice one, Aurora, LK, Tango and Sais!

My favourite parts of the ep were Eve and Virgil kissing and Ares' brief role. You're doing a really good job of keeping Ares involved in the season without him overshadowing everything else going on, and I love that. I think that instead of this being called "The Shipper Seasons" it should be "Seasons 7 and 8 with a slightly shipper slant" or something, although that isn't nearly as catchy.

Favourite lines:

Oh no. You may want to go out there on a horse that looks like an over-pampered lapdog, but you can count me out.

I also liked Eve's reference to Larus - nice touch there.

EVE (teasing):
You and Mother spent a whole day without chasing any bad guys?


Just in case Eve is getting a false sense of security...

Also, I really liked the montage his week - well done, Aurora!

Shipper Queen

Wonderful job to the writers!!

One of my favorite parts was finding out more about Xena's childhood. The story of the man who stole all their presents and how she found out later that it was the...whatever they're called (Who made up that name? Or is it real?) instead. Very nice touch And of course, any Ares/Xena scene with such friendly interaction is in the Very Good category

Thanks for a wonderful read


i don't usually care for anything with a christmas slant--whether it be china, clothes, music, movies etc. etc. (not that i'm a grinch--or not a total one anyway .) but i agree with LK. this ep had some nice bittersweet angst to balance the feel-good xmas stuff .

Valkyrie Of War

Very good job, liked it very much! BRAVO!

Cannot wait to read the next one!

Did I ever mention how much I like the Ares / Darion relationship?


Okay, I think it's really cool so far and I love the way they interact.

Let's face facts: Ares would make a cool dad!


Nice episode

I really enjoyed it, just seeing all the love that was their. It was so good to see Virgil, and I am glad to see a beginning of his relationship with Eve. Really their relationship is kind interesting, their are so many barriers that they are going to have to overcome, and it is going to be a hard path, I can't wait to see what else is in store. I also liked how Eve was trying to deal with the whole Xena/Ares thing, I can totally understand that, it must be hard for her. It was good to see that Darion is alright with everything, I'm glad.

I like the ending the most, with the mistletoe in Xena's hand, that was great. Also this was a quote that I don't think anyone picked out yet, and I don't know if it was meant to be this why or not:

VIRGIL (chuckles):

Yeah, Xena always gets her bad guy. Or her Solstice tree.

Xena always gets her bad guy

Nice job everyone!


Loved the Ares/Darion bonding over the tree.