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Wow...major kudos to everyone involved in this Very sweet at parts, and Could that be more of a cliffhanger? Can't wait to see wht happens next


Yes I did read "Love's Creation" I don't know why I didn't post, I loved that episode and had a few things to say about it, but than I have been a little busy. NONE of the episodes have disappointed me so far, I LOVE every single episode, so keep it up.

Wow, what can I say about this episode? Excellent ending, it shocked me. I knew Gabrielle would do that, I was just hoping it wouldn't happen. I just felt so bad in the end when Darion seemed scared of Gabrielle, I can only imagine how Gabrielle must have felt. It was good to see Hamion again, and it was funny to picture Ares and Xena dancing, both in armor. I also like how Gabrielle wouldn't sing "Joxer the Mighty" with Eve around. I like how each of the episodes keep building on one another.

Keep up the goodwork!!!!!!


This episode was really great, I must admit. I really enjoyed seeing Haimon again--he and Gab are so sweet together.

The Ares/Gab moments were great, too. I always like seeing them interact one on one. It's interesting to see Gab's angst about fighting and whatnot--even now, she's not terribly comfortable with it, I don't think.

I also really loved Eve and her involvement with the Amazons in this episode. She seems to have really taken charge, being queen and all. She's finally found a place to belong in her life. Her affection for Klymene is nice too. She shows a motherly protectiveness over her and I loved when she got all exasperated when Darion said Klymene had been kissing a boy.

And lastly, Xena and Ares dancing was priceless. Still hard to picture it though, but how I would love to see that on screen, when they get hooked to each other.

A terrific episode all around and kudos to Sais and LadyKate.


this episode was really good and i can tell you guys worked hard on it....hmm.....xena and ares kinda had a set back in this ep didnt they...i can imagine ares hurt face when xena was suspicious


Brilliant, guys. I really enjoyed this episode. I like how there were so many familiar faces involved! It had all the humour, thoughtfulness and romance that makes a great episode. Thanks!


I forgot to comment earlier on this ep (and LK has all but commanded me to bump the thread ), so I'm adding my praise for it. Great job, Sais and LK, as usual... I'm very impressed and I can't wait for the next ep.

Favourite parts:

Eve. Surprisingly enough, I love how she's taking charge of the Amazons. You guys have written her exactly the way I wish TPTB had in S6, and I wish they had hired you to write her. In particular, I loved that she seems to be OK with the idea of Xena and Ares being together - having her take Darion off at the end to leave them alone was a really nice touch.

I had to laugh at this line - possibly my favourite, although I liked a lot of others too:

HAIMON (grinning):

Some people have no appreciation of culture.

I know just how he feels. I'd probably be there right alongside Darion if I wasn't working right now.

Mother, please! I'm trying to watch the play.

I can't shake the image of Xena and Ares dancing from my mind now... it was funny and adorable at the same time, and I loved it.

Otherwise... I agree with everyone else - another wonderful episode!


Great job with the ep. I liked the change in mood at the end of he ep. Up until that point it seemed as though the ep. was going to close out on a humorous and light-hearted tone. The sudden dramatic mood change and yet another issue dealing with Gabby's warrior instincts and the way the ep eneded [cliffhanger as the others have mentioned] makes nice twist. Also speaking of Gabby's warrior instinct issues, nice job about the brief mentioning of the events in THAB