Shipper Queen

Oh my god...that episode had it all!! Humour, love, Darion, silliness Wonderful job to Aurora and LK

Valkyrie Of War

That was wonderful! BRAVO!

Enjoyed the whole story with a fresh creamcheese Bagel and my beloved cappuccino... Delicious as the story itself!


It finally comes, the moment I've been waiting for so long Excellent parallel between the main storyline and the X/A storyline! Just reading the ending scene made my heart skip a beat....and visualizing it was even better. Things I *would* do to see that on screen....


Oh, I loved that. It was definitely worth the wait! And yeah, I'm with Sal - my heart just leapt in those final moments. Great job, guys.


Xena's finally got it!!!!!

What a great job, guys... loved it. I third the heart leaping in the final scene comment.

I'll go through and write some proper comments once I've calmed down a little... but right now, this shipper is too happy to be coherent. (Thank God - and Dite - for smilies...)



And truthfully, even as I was reading over it again before posting it, that last scene really does make my heart leap just as yours have, even though I had a hand in writing it. Just a beautiful moment we've all waited for.


She finally said it!!! This episode made me very happy indeed! It had a cute storyline and I loved the closing scene! It was just magical! It's about time she finally told him!