You guys did such a good job on that ep! Agrippina is absolutely fascinating. I can't wait to see how the next few eps go - even though I'm part of the season, I'm continually being surprised.

One more thing - thanks for stopping the Romans invading Britain, on behalf of my ancestors!


What an epic tale it was! It's good to see that Xena didn't have to add on to her bad memories. I really loved the drama of this story, so intense and complicated at the same time, great character interations! Well done Aurora and LK. Btw.....so what exactly is the rate for babysitters?

Sais 2 Cool

since i'll probably shoot my mouth off and blab lots of spoilers, i'll just say that this was a great episode and aurora deserves a round of applause for tackling what i thought was going to be a really tough episode to do given the subject matter (ie bringing nero to power.)

Valkyrie Of War

Hip hip hurray! BRAVO


I really was looking forward to that introduction:



DOMITIUS NERO (takes Agrippina's hand):
And here is my co-regent, the Empress Agrippina

->Yes, your mum will fix the things for you son of darkness.


In my heart, Gabrielle, I will always be an artist.

->Yes, and you will invent a few new things like human torches (Hey, not that one of the Fantastic Four! His marvels will be a little more down to earth)


You think Agrippina and Nero will turn out to be better rulers than all the emperors who came before?

XENA (quietly):
I hope so.

-> Hope is always good, one should never give it up!


Besides: Loved the Ares plot:

The War God as nanny is always good for a laugh...

Shipper Queen

Wow, that was good!!

The line that cracked me up most was Ares' "You two kick roman ass while I babysit?" or something like that Good to see Agrippina again -- Xena does have a thing for Rome, doesn't she? Can't wait till quality time

Thanks for a wonderful read


Aurora and LadyKate... That was EXCELLENT!!!

You guys did a fantastic job with this episode. I loved the story...it was a complicated story told with such amazing precision. I don't know who was responsible for the descriptive writing...the clothing, the background, such as at the end on the veranda at the Imperial palace - I could SEE it - it was beautiful! - the lush greenery, roses and lilacs, the table with fruit and wine, and their georgeous clothing!!! Terrific job.

My favorite humorous Ares moments were as above, the, "I babysit while you two kick some roman ass?" and, this was my favorite (Ares) line:

"Do all of your friends do that?" THAT WAS GREAT!!!!

Thanks for all your hard work and time put into this episode..it was a FIVE STAR!!!

I NOMINATE IT FOR AN EMMY!!! (errrr. . .whatever we call it for online awards - maybe an Aree...with a georgeous statue scupted to perfection, in the image of Ares.... * * * * *