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Thanks for another EXCELLENT read!

There were some hysterical lines in here . . . but my fave would have to be a soppy one:

"I guess true love can make anyone human."

Shipper Queen

Wonderful read

I'd have to say my favorite part was also the 'true love can make anyone human'. But I loved Xena sticking up for Ares throughout the whole thing, and the kid is so funny! It was a great idea to bring him into the storyline


This was a great episode. I really enjoyed it.

I liked everything about the episode, even the very brief Ares appearence. But I especially loved Darion, as I said last episode. He's such a sweety. Having a kid around I think is great, he says things people would normally not say and therefore, opens our minds by being blunt sometimes.

DARION (looks stricken):
Please take me along--please! You're going to meet your boyfriend, aren't you?

XENA (chokes):
My bo-

Love that.

And another one of my favorite parts with Darion was:

DARION (looks dizzy for a moment, then grins broadly, grabbing Aphrodite's wrist):
Wow! Can we do that again?

Hey, let go of the goddess, kid!

DARION (lets go, more seriously):
Please, can we do it again? It was too fast--I didn't see how you did it...

I can so see that happening and his reaction.

And the ending--loved the ending:

I guess true love can make anyone human.

XENA (a pensive, faraway look on her face):
Yeah, it can...

GABRIELLE (gives her a curious look):
Why do I get the feeling that you're thinking about somebody else?

XENA (glances at her, startled out of her reverie):
Like who?

Of course we never get a straight answer but it's more fun when the idea just trails off, gives us something to think about.

Oh, and a last favorite part was with Darion and Ares:

I don't like it when girls kiss me. (points to Gabrielle) Except for her.

Good. The other one's taken.


Nice episode!

I like how Darion is added to the story, it makes it more interesting, he is such a funny kid! Also funny how X and G keep catching themselves from swearing! Also like the "Good cause the other one is taken" part.


A great episode that brings up the elments of a classic (S1, S2, S3) XWP episode and boy have I missed those. It's so true when they say a classic Xena ep takes brains to write, but LK, you did such a wonderful job! Way to solve the problem without being obvious about the solution.

I loved all the scenes mentioned above but let me say one thing as a shipper......

I'm really liking it when Xena does not deny it when it comes to her and Ares

After Darion's boyfriend-comment "...but at least Ares always shows up when you call him."

I just can't get enough moments like this


Wonderful, LadyKate! This is jsut the kind of episode I love best... funny, a cool plot, lots of shippery stuff, and a very 'classic' feel. Speaking as the owner of a big, grey dog myself (although different to the picture Aurora used), I am very proud.

My favourite line, aside from the ones already quoted, is:

ARES (thoughtfully scratches his chin):
What kind of dog?

APHRODITE (scrunches up her face):
Umm...a big gray one. A wolfhound, maybe?

Oh well. At least it's not some yappy little lapdog.

I can't stand yappy dogs myself, and have never been able to, so it was great to see that Ares shares my sentiments.

You write Aphrodite really well, in particular - I could picture Alex Tydings saying the lines - I wish they'd hired you to write in S6!

I also laughed my butt off at this-

Cyril, I think you're a great guy.

CYRIL (smiles faintly):
Do you say that to every guy you've known for ten minutes?

Uh... yes.