That was SO GOOD. I just cannot believe how good that was. Talk about worth the wait! That episode had everything you could ever want in a Xena episode! Aww moments, funny moments, exciting moments--and is the title piccy thingy redone, or have I just forgotten how excellent that is?

Thanks so much all you guys!!!


A brilliant season opener!!! Well done, guys!

Love the ending.

Shipper Queen

WOW!!! You guys have outdone yourselves with this one!! I loved all the Ares scenes -- nice man , Now let me tell you about the god of sex. I love how you made Gabrielle, and how she finally has something of Hope back, but without the whole evil father thing, and hopefully without the whole dying factor. Great job, and can't wait till next episode.

Xenite Sally

It's just great to see it all written out! And the Ares were scenes were just a delicious bonus and not to mention funny too.

ARES: "You're jealous, aren't you?"
XENA: "Let's just say I'd rather not have you involved where Sabina's concerned."

Is that Xena's way of saying duh!

(he draws an arm around her waist, pulls her close and kisses her.
Xena is hesitant at first but then responds fully and passionately to his kiss. Pulling away, Ares grins at her.) "Yeah, you're right. They do."

Awwww very sweet and cute moment!

"Now, let me tell you about the Roman gods of sex--"

Even as he speaks, Xena rushes off without another word. "Was it something I said?"

I just couldn't stop laughing at that one! I almost fell off my chair

"Don't push it, or I'll have to go start a war somewhere."

Now this statement in this context and in this tone [I can only imagine how he would have said it] it's just plain 'ol cute Ares was such a good little god is this episode *hehehe*.

That Darion is such a cute kid!

"I love that song! You'll sing it for me tomorrow night too, right?"

Ahh, so this is where nursery rhymes originated from. I'm glad Gabby is getting sort of a second chance. She deserves it!


Nice job guys you are off to a good start!

I like how Gabrielle was turned into more of a "mother figure" it made her seem a whole lot happier. LOL love the Joxer the Mighty part. Great X/A moments here too, its good to see Ares helping out and being a hero.

Also, I dont know if this was meant to be but when the volcano was erupting it reminded me of September 11th, just the people running in fear and the ashes falling through the sky...just something I noticed.

Anyways keep up the good work, cant wait for the rest of the season!

Valkyrie Of War


Thank you to you two for this fantastic story.

I had a nice Sunday morning over here reading this opener! A lot better than the depressing news in the sunday newspapers...

I take a bow for the sense of humor. While reading it I could see them speaking those lines...


This episode was really good; loved the classic XWP feel of it.

One thing that I really loved about this episode was Darion - he was so sweet, especially his interaction with Gab. I love how Gab took to Darion. They're so sweet together. She gets a second chance at a motherhood type scenario and I love that.

The Ares scenes were great, as always and as others have said, this episode had everything you could want in a classic ep--comedy, adventure, action, good X/A stuff, good X/G stuff.


Great job guys! I loved the whole story; but of course I especially loved Ares actually outright being a hero!!!!

The Ares humor also was wonderful! I too like the
...let me tell you about the God of sex and
.....was it something I said....

great job!