Just stopping by before bed to throw in a comment about how much I enjoyed and appreciated this episode. Extremely well written! How things turned out in the end was unexpected but I think it was great......that character is indeed a developing one and she has potential IMO

This is just for me but it was IRONIC b/c just yesterday I was sorting through my tapes and came across that episode so I watched the last 15 min or so. And I was thinking along the lines of what could have happened to the kid....it was actually a brief thought before I discarded it to move on to more sorting and organizing...instead of doing HW [I hope to the gods that it won't be collected tomorrow....

Lastly I was very lucky to stop by SH before closing out b/c now I can have sweet dreams

I liked the line about "there is no good decision in war, just lesser evil" [I know it's not exact but I'm too lazy] I agree with it 100%. It's a very good generalization about the nature of war I've always thought along those lines but never really put it into words.....glad someone did

Ares was so sweet with Xena in the end and in a non-too-mushy kind of way.

LOL @ Gabrielle's suggestion.....hmmmmm I don't think Xena was REALLY shocked at the idea itself just that she didn' expect it out of Gabby's mouth A girl can dream can she?

Again, thanks for the wonderful ep!


A truly superb episode, and well worth waiting for! Well done, Sais and LadyKate!

For once, Xena's dark evil past doesn't send them halfway around the world on a suicide mission.

And what a perfect moment to see that key point in A/X history!


I continue to be amazed--and I realize it's well past the point where I should be used to it--at the quality of both Shipper and Subtext Seasons Seven. The scripts on these sites are consistently a match for official Xena's better episodes, and light years out front and running away from the weaker ones. (And that's not even counting maggot-ridden, putrescent, five-days-dead-in-hot-weather carrion like "Lifeblood," "Married with Fishsticks," "Soul Possession" and FINS.) If Xena had had consistent writing like this from "Chakram" on, we'd probably be watching Season Seven on the tube right now.


After reading the Shipper Season episodes I find myself getting so TICKED off. WHY couldn't these have been real episodes? This one especially. WOW! Absolutely awesome episode. Everything about it. The way The Gauntlet flashbacks tie in and everything was awesome. I like how we are led to believe Ikaros was another village that fell under the raid of the Warrior Princess and woman and children were killed, like Gabrielle said, another demon from her past. But the way it all tied in with the child being Haimon and him not knowing Xena actually saved his life. Wonderful!

Plus we get an awesome villain - Sabina. I don't know what it is, but I love this woman. She's a villain we really haven't seen on Xena, she's smart. She isn't stupid like all of the other villains that rush into battle, she knows she can't match Xena. Sabina is smarter than that and knows that it will take time for her to go up against Xena. She reminds me of Evil Xena except more calmer. A perfect villain for Xena.

What a great episode, definitley gets a 10/10 in my book. Classic Xena stuff. Great job Sais 2 Cool and LadyKate!!!