Shipper Queen

OMG, that was completly worth the wait. I loved it, even though that spell just had to come off at those times *sigh*


Wonderful story! I loved it! Perfect for Valentines Day. I especially enjoyed the part where Ares asked Gabs to give him the Nutbread. Thank you


Loved it! Loved it! Loved it!

Also It totally cracked me up Absolutely loved the part where Xena was daydreaming.......



Hilarious episode! I was laughing my butt off! Everything about it: the obsessions, the excercise stuff, the salesmen. It was all so funny! And even though the dreaded Theias was in it it still didn't matter because it all tied together so nicely.

It still amazes me how their can be very powerful dramatic episodes and then hilarious comedy episodes in the same season. You guys are great!

This episode definitley gets a 10/10!

Great job Karla! And LK and Tango!