All I can say at the moment is "Right on!" I missed Ares last week was this was worth the wait!! An interesting tidbit to add to Ares' history.

The last scene is my fav Those witty humorous conversations take brain work to write. Well done!!


Excellent guys! Really great! I loved it from start to finish. Especially, at the end. It made me smile.


Very nice--glad to have Ares back in the show. It was weird without Gabrielle though.

Shipper Queen

I loved it! This was defenetly worth waiting for! *grins happily* Who's *walking* off into the sunset, now? Or dayset... I'd say the one in a billion chance has gone down considerably, don't you? Cause 'one out of two aint bad' Me things Ares is that one. Can't say this enough, I LOVED it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


It was actually an interesting change to work on an ep with Ares being so prominent--and yes, a bit odd without Gabrielle. But then, it's only fair that she should have an (occasional) life of her own. Xena must be pretty hard to put up with 24/7.


Great stories, ladies!!!

Keep the great stories coming! And thanks for showing a GOW who learned more than he bargained for as a mortal.


Wow what a great episode! I really love how the stories tie in with one another. Xena and then Ares past after he became mortal.

The whole story with Ares past was very well written and I could see it happening (considering their was a year between Coming Home and Old Ares Had a Farm). Xena finding out the man she was helping was Toris was quite a twist. It seemed rahter strange that she didn't recognize him. I know he was injured and it has been 25 years but still, he was her brother. The ending was very dramatic with the plant and her not being able to touch it. Ares pulled through for her though.

I am glad Toris made it, it would have been tragic for her to have another family member die. But the highlight of the episode is definitley the ending scene. The talk about a soul healing and how a few scars can make it beautiful and stuff. Then her taking his hand and walking with him. "So your serious about this walking thing?" Classic. What a wonderful way to end an episode. Gabrielle should be gone more often (only kidding, only kidding)

Anyways wonderful episode. It's too bad, cause I could see this taking place of Soul Possession, it would have fit perfectly.

I give it a 9.5/10

Excellent job Aurora, Tango, and LadyKate!