Great adventure tale!!! I have missed this kind of story....a normal Greek hero-adventure. Glad to see Xena is returning more to the world of Greek mythology. Personally the origins of pegasus never ceases to amaze me. Pegasus is such a magnificent creature.....I wish I had one


Well... it was okay. I mean, everything was handled well, but I have to say--I definately missed Ares in the episode.

Athena half made up for it, though.

And poor Gabs. Man. Not only does she have to defeat the monster of the episode (nice going with the Chimera, I have to say) but she loses what could become a love in her life.

Oh darn.

Here's hoping that the next episode will have Ares in it.


A nice action pack Ares-lite episode. It was good to see Athena, and this time helping aid Xena. I always thought they would make good allies.

The chimera was a cool monster, I liked how Xena had trouble stopping it. It's not everyday that Xena has a hard time killing something. I liked how Pegasus got tied in at as well.

The only thing I didn't like about this episode was Theias. A love interest for Gabrielle? Please excuse me while I barf. The kid couldn't even read for crying out loud! I figured he was a red shirt so I was hoping for him to die (like the chimera accidentally engulfing him in flames or something). But don't worry, I won't mark it down too much since Gab didn't up with him in the end. We all have our dumb moments.

Overall a nice easy going episode. I give it a 7.75/8