"Ares, are you here for any particular reason?" --Xena "Does seeing you count?" --Ares

LOL. I love the dynamic between Xena and Ares, and I'm sure that's one of those things that's just going to get better. Poor Didus didn't stand a chance of keeping control of the situation.

Yet another interesting similarity between Eve and Xena: both were closest to their brothers while growing up. Eve's connection with the Elijans goes way back, too. Eli's written words had to have been really powerful. Usually when people believe in something enough to die for it, they learn from a person, like Gabrielle did in "The Way," but it was Eli's words that were the most important.

Ares flirting with Xena in the middle of an interrogation--I love it!

Okay, here's something I hope I see addressed later. Obviously there was someone persecuting the Elijans (probably a lot of someones) before Eve led Rome. From Octavius' lines in the previous flashbacks, it doesn't look sound like it was him, or the Roman government. It also wasn't Ares, unless he was lying about having nothing to do with it (which I don't think he was). So who was it?

Ares basically manipulated young Eve. Wow, that was scary. Ares has to be feeling somewhat guilty for that now that Eve's on trial.

Do you think that the GOL actually caused the Twilight?

Michael SOOOO needed his butt kicked. I've thought that from his first appearance! I'm glad Eve didn't do it. She's grown.

I loved the interaction between Xena and Eve, between Xena and Ares, between Ares and the world, and I enjoyed the whole scenario. Great episode!


This was an excellent conclusion to an excellent episode. I love how Eve's past began to unfold and how in the end we learn that Michael was the one that was shaping her into Livia all along. Then once she got to out of hand he had to free Xena and Gab from the ice cave to set her straight. Everything really comes together in this episode!

Not much X/A stuff but I don't think it was really needed in this episode. It was good to show Michael being the bad guy and of course this is going to set up some future arcs in the season.

All in all a great episode about Eve's past. Just like part 1, I give this another 10/10. If only they could have been part of the actual series...


This episode picks up right where Bloodlust: Part I left off. Ares has just appeared in the middle of Eve's trial. He corrects the statement made by a witness, and then Xena asks him what we've all been wondering: just what, exactly, is he doing there. He sidesteps the question, and the court resumes.

I thought this scene was quite amusing. The interplay between Xena and Ares, short though it is, seems true, and it's always fun watching Ares deal with the *lesser* mortals. There's just one thing that bugged me. After Ares finishes threatening Didus, Claudius tells Ares, "You may speak when you're asked," and I expected the god to respond with an insulting comment or at least a fireball, Emperor or not. Xena telling him to sit down and shut up is one thing...

Anyway, through Ares and Eve's testimony and supporting flashbacks, we learn the cause of Livia' rage against the Elijians. And it's a plausible cause, as far as such things go. Ares's reasoning at the end of act two doesn't hold up to much examination, but it doesn't have to. He's talking to a mentally unstable teenager, and inspiring a quick succession of different emotions benefits him more than cool logic would have. Ares is, among other things, a manipulative bastard. (And we love him for it.)

And so is Michael. However, although the characters are written well, I have problems with the conversation between him and Ares. At that particular point in time, the gods are convinced Eve and her mother are dead. The Twilight has been averted, Olympus is secure, and there is no value in Michael's tip. But even if there had been, the suggestion itself is implausible. That the archangel would support the destruction of the God of Love's (and, by extension, his own) power base because...? Because he holds the Olympians in such high regard? There needs to be a motive, and I can only think of one that would work. When Ares asks, "Why not you?" I got the impression he was asking, "Why aren't you set to take over?" The answer, taken from a very different response, would be such: "I answer to a higher being." The implied motive is, then, "but if He were to disappear from the scene, it would give me the chance to, shall we say, spread my own wings a little." Such ambition is something Ares could understand (and believe), and would be a nice cover for his REAL motive, which I can understand (and, after last season, certainly believe). Actually, both boil down to the same thing: more power for Michael.

So Michael appears to gloat and gives Xena and Ares the opportunity to kick his *ahem* tail feathers. Yay! Fun! Would have been even more fun to see, but I can imagine.... One confusion: Xena, unless I'm missing something, doesn't HAVE the power to kill Michael anymore, for the very reason that she tried to kill Michael before. Not that he doesn't deserve it. But the irony is neat; Eve, on trial, becomes the judge.

We end on a note of 'Xena vs. the Heavenly Host, coming soon to an episode near you.' Ares and Xena have a short chat, which was well done. Does anyone else notice how hard it is for Ares to give a straight answer? To anything? (Yeah, yeah, and we love him for it.)

This episode had good characterization and a very necessary plot point. Michael is established as an Enemy, where before he was more just "a nasty piece of work." Plus, Eve gets to deal with her past on a level Xena never *really* did. Complaining aside, I did enjoy this.


Read the ep It was........... I loved it!! Nice portrayal of Eve's past and a clever way of gettin' her off the hook for her past crimes. Plus now Xena doesn't have to resent Ares for corrupting her daughter *grin* Never liked Michael so glad he got his ass kicked *yay* Is it just me or does happy music go off in your head every time Xena and ares fight side by side. *LOL*