Whoa! This was a cool episode! I can see that Xena and Gabrielle might have some problems coming up, considering Xena seems to be going into over-protective mode with Gabrielle, while Gabrielle is now a warrior, as she said herself. I have a feeling that's going to come up some more! The saddest scene was the scene where Gabrielle and Eve found the mother and baby. Very sad... I think it added a lot thought. This episode felt very Xena-lite to me. Don't get me wrong, I really liked it! I just felt like it focused more on Gabrielle's (maybe) frustration with not being in the thick of things with Xena, and perhaps Eve still dealing with some of her own demons.


I had a problem with the basic premise of this episode. I always struggle when it’s many lives traded for one, even if it’s many nameless characters traded for one we know—that shouldn’t make any difference. And the fox killed a lot of people, rather brutally.

Although, Xena didn’t know that would happen (not that she had any choice in being resurrected), and it was up to her to clean up the fox’s mess, so I can’t fault her for that.

Wonderful interaction between Gabrielle and Eve. You’re bringing Eve alive as much as the series ever did—I look forward to seeing her every time she comes in.


Not a bad episode, liked how it dealt with the effects of bringing Xena back. It's good to see Xena learn that Gabrielle is more of a warrior than a kid anymore. Even though this is a SHIPPER Virtual Season I am actually glad Ares wasn't in this(don't chew me out I will explain). I mean you can't have him in every episode and I felt that he wasn't really needed in this one. Besides Xena does need some time to cool down.

The only problem I had with this episode was Xena seemed a little out of character, I don't like how she just didn't care about the dead bodies. I mean yes destroying the demon was more important but just the way she said it...I don't know maybe it's just me.

Rating: 8/10


This was a well-written episode. Credit to whoever wrote it. The characters were portrayed well, and it is a good partner to the first episode. Not unlike the series, it was not an overly complicated plot, and seemed to round off well. There were not any really big holes. This episode also made good use of Japanese myth, which is not used nearly as much as it should be.

The plot, thought it was basic, was, as said before, well polished, and it disguised any lack of character heart-to-heart, and a lack of Ares! (The reviewer starts to sob here). Basically, after been brought back to life by Ares Eve and Gabrielle, Xena finds that this has created an opening between all of the realms. These realms being the realm of the mortals, the realm of the spirits, and the realm of the demons. The lord of the spirit world, Enma, comes to Xena, Gabrielle and Eve, and tells them that one particularly dangerous demon, one of the Kitsune, has escaped from the demon world. The Kitsune can alternate between human and fox, and they revel in mass destruction. Xena agrees to help him, and so they set out to find this demon.

They arrive at the village of Elem, only to find that there has been a massacre. This scene was very well written, and the dialogue was extremely well done. I loved this scene the most out of all the scenes that have been written so far, and well done to the author who managed to characterize Xena and Gabrielle so well. Xena shocks Gabrielle with a decision that she makes, and then leaves Eve and the bard to fend for themselves while she goes and hunts done this kitsune.

Gabrielle and Eve have a little heart-to-heart, which is really a sad story that Eve is telling, but it is well worth listening to.

Meanwhile Xena and Argo are following the trails laid out by the fox, but little do they realize that whilst they are following the tracks of this fox, they are putting Gabrielle and Eve in greater danger than they ever thought could come about. You see, the kitsune had used one of his fox friends to lay a trail for Xena and Argo to follow while he goes and kills Gabrielle and Eve. This finally dawns on Xena and she sets off to the village as fast as she can.

Ibu, who is the human form of the kitsune that they are chasing, has captured Gabrielle and Eve. When Xena arrives in the village, he confronts Xena, who cuts his throat open. Thinking that it was all too easy, Xena goes and frees her friends, but Gabrielle is caught but Ibu. Xena proceeds to try and kill Ibu, but Gabrielle stops her. Xena and Ibu fight it out for a bit, but then, Eve throws the chakram at Ibu, which kills his human form and makes him a fox again.

Enma appears and takes Ibu back to the demon world in his weakened form. He tells Xena that her debt is now repaid in full, and that he will never bother her again.

Overall, this was a nicely done ep, and I liked it very much. It leaves the story open for the return of Ibu, which would make an interesting storyline, and it was overly dramatized either.

Chakrams (out of five): I give it four. It lacked in a good character-heart-to-heart, and in some places the script was a bit dodgy, but other than that, it was very well written and played out very nicely.


Once again, another gem! Once again, you have stayed true to the characters- especially Xena. I could see the entire story in my mind, and the terse, irreverent remarks by Xena. Tell me, the ending... is there a hidden meaning in it for the events of 9-11-01??? I saw it immediately.