The episode is kind of intriguing. Ares vs. Artemis. Ladies, place your bets.
Well... One of two-parts episode is like a half-eisode. it's not enough for debriefing.

Just a few separate thoughts.

It was nice to see Ares who revered the memory of fallen brother. And when he understood what is the true cost of worship. And the main thing, he became free. Seriously. The beginning when he was cooking while Xena was fighting... of course, of course we know who wears the breeches in their couple, in a figurative sense. But it's a pity to see ex-GOW in such role.

All right. Now we're waiting the next episode for the full print.

Btw, after promo I expected to see Chris Conrad in supporting role. Wheeeereeeee? He refused your invitation? The small fee? =)

Oh, and who is that girl putting the moves on Darion. What about Annabelle? Eh, the fickleness of youth.

All in all, well done.


Was having a crappy week so seeing that the SS were back cheered me up no end.

Brilliant writing as always. It was refreshing to see Ares fitting into the everyday goings on in Xena and Gabrielle's lives rather than bemoaning the loss of his Godhood. That's not to say I don't miss immortal Ares sometimes too. I'm intrigued to see how Ares will handle the news about Artemis in the next part. It was also great to see Ares get a large chunk of the story missed the interactions between him an Xena though, saying that, if the entire story was made up of nothing but interactions between them, I'd still want more ahaha.

Waiting with baited breath for the next installment!


I've just finished the ep! Awesome work, I loved every part of it! Random thoughts: My favourite parts were Ares' "hassles" with Zarek. I liked a lot the fact that Ares insisted on leaving his old temple for Artemis and respected her mourning for her brother. I liked it that you guys didn't make Ares seem "soft" or too emotional, he was "mortal" and still, he had the "essence" of a god. The Gabrielle/Xena parts were also great, but enjoyed the fact that this ep focused more on Ares- I think it was good to present him as a real and active warrior again =) And something last, I liked the relatively "short" scenes. You cutted an Ares' scene to a Xena one and then you did the opposite- this alternation was very interesting and made the story even more intriguing Thanks for writing the eps!


I really thought I had commented here... a little bird told me otherwise, so thanks XD

This episode is great! I read it again First of all I Liked that Acteon was again in game, a shame we didnt get to see him, maybe later in the season, right? . As we saw in CH, Ares still has followers, not only because of his godly powers, but also for what he entitles. I love that we get to focus in this a bit more, some of the threads of late has mention it and when it did a few days ago, the first thing I thought was "Thanks god we have the SS"

There's one thing, we can see in the first part of the ep, Pandion tells Ares the army has been tracking him down, he mentions Xena and automatically Ares thinks they, they followers, will try to get Xena for help, kinda he is surprise to hear that they want his help. For him I suppose is something new. When Pandion asked ares to help them, I'm not surprise, what surprises me is that Ares doesnt want Xena to come with him. Here I see 2 important things, 1) He is actually worring for Gabrielle and little Samuel? And Darion, though that really doesnt surprise me, Ares since the begining is kinda fond of the kid, and I know that of Gabrielle too, but still it startles me a bit. 2) He wants to.. I was going to say prove himself, but that's not the word, maybe make himself useful and of course regain some of that thrill of being the head of something, in this case, of war... I really think he misses that more than anything and I'm glad that we got to see it.

I know this ep doesnt have much X/A action, but that little exchange between Xena and Ares before he rides off with Nicos and Panion; awww I melted, it not only shows concern, but also that their relationship is already strong and adult. A little of emotion here, a little of personal space there and laughs all over. The convination I personally always has loved about those two. (plus the sparks of course).

When Ares and Pandion are in the cart, and talking there's something I really dont agree with at first, in Pandion's point of view... he says that Xena didnt come with him because she doesnt feel the pull the way Ares does (for war)... and Ares says maybe. But I dont think it is like that, at least not now, yeah maybe that was true when he was a god, but now I truely believe they see war in a very similar way, though I find interesting as to how a third party will see it, and agree that they wouldnt know, and maybe Ares pointed into that direction will make him hestite?

Also it's interesting to see that Ares gets uncomfortable with the "Lord Ares" thing, now that he is mortal, fair understandable, but still I think is funny. I really like how he is coming to terms with what he is now, and this is a way for him to show it. (and of course we see it more clear in the next ep ) I actually like Pandion's character a lot and more because it seems he is the Dante's Virgil to Ares. What he says about ares being more tangible because he is now mortal and being one of them is encorauging. Also his farther comments.

I love how you guys mix drama with humour. It cracks me up Gabrielle's humour and also the way to try and push Xena to say things... and well in the same why Ares thoughts also in Gabrielle as part of Xena's life and now his life, Gabrielle also makes him part of "the family". Which is refreshing, it's has been going for a while, but I dont know, now I find it more natural.

Regarding Ares and his way to deal with the army and being commander issue I just have to say that even as a mortal Ares still has his persona intact, his ways talking are still the same as when we was a god, that's something you guys has done amazingly.

The last part is awesome, well the new god of war showing is cool, when I read it the first time, I knew he had somewhat become a god, but what shocked me and also had me thinking was about what his temple had become (jaw dropping and all in this part), I got surprised that Ares actually respects what Artemis wanted to do for Apollo... I get it, it was his brother too. But what got me thinking was that this is also a visible reason of him becoming truely human, he feels in some way for his dead brother and mourning sister.

Great episode, love it girls, really and got me wanting more, like always... (of course, read the second part right away) XD

Now I'm just waiting to read next ep in the line to be aired!


I really enjoyed seeing Ares off on his own, showing the developments in his character independent of Xena's presence, and also addressing the loss of his godly powers. I am also looking forward to seeing how this crisis with Artemis will resolve itself. It was smart of Xena & Gab not to try to convince the villagers that Artemis is up to no good, but are going to wait instead to let the goddess show her true colors.

Great job on the pics, as well!

Will comment more once I've read the second half.