I have loved every word of the Shipper Seasons. They seem like such a natural extension of the television series that I sometimes forget that they were not actually filmed. It even gets to the point that I discuss Shipper Season events with non-Shippers and then wonder why they look confused because they "didn't see that episode."

Congratulations on 10 years!


What I can say? that your site is awesome! I was very happy when I found a "Show" to be more or less faithful to the TV series, you know, after the end of Xena on TV many fans created their own fanfiction but ... I do not conveyed what I wanted . Besides many people insisted on Xena and Grabrielle had "more than friendship" and well ... I always prayed that ended in the arms of Ares, who else!! hi hi hi!

Ultimately, you are the best, I love "Xena Shipper Seasons" and, as a suggestion, you could publish a book, you had not thought of? I already I have half of the season printed! It was a necessity .... hahahah!

Thanks for your attention, you will not change ever!

A Spanish fan ;)


I remember when the Shipper Seasons started, and I can’t believe its already been 10 yrs! It was amazing then, and its amazing now. Awesome people and just as awesome stories. I will be very sad when it ends, but I'm sure it will go out with a bang =]


I would like to comment that I have truly enjoyed reading the Shipper Seasons and look forward to hopefully ‘owning’ them on DVD or reading new episodes in the future! As a true fan of the original series, these awesome seasons have made it come back to life and gave our favorite characters new adventures as well as an amazing love story between our favorites – Ares and Xena! Awesomely done, and so much hard work put into it, please know its well worth it because you have avid readers who enjoy reading them and will enjoy for years to come! All your diligence and creativity is appreciated!!!

Battle on Xena!!!

Tara A. Knight

Thank you so much for keeping the story alive all these years. Remembering the first time I "watched" the SS brings me utmost joy. Certainly, one of the best shows I've seen since Xena finished. The stories has always been spot on as well as the characters. You guys always kept the Xena style and I'm very greatful for all the effort I know you keep making.


While I’m sad that the Shipper Seasons’ story is drawing to a close, I’m also happy to have been a part of this journey. It’s been wonderful to see XWP continue on so many years after the show ended, and for me as a X/A shipper, I’ve enjoyed seeing their relationship continue to develop.

Naturally, that isn’t the only thing I’ve enjoyed about the Shipper Seasons – the humor, the drama, the . . . danger. *wink* The overall story arcs were thoughtfully planned, and we were given the chance to see aspects of the show fleshed out that we missed out on during the run of the show, for example, Eve’s Amazon Rite of Caste and Ares’ son Evander. The new episodes also introduced plenty of memorable new characters, like Hamon, Zenobia, and Sabina.

So many talented people have put so much effort into writing these episodes, and I know they’ll provide lots of entertainment for the fans for years to come.


I’ve been following along ever since the debut of the Shipper Seasons, and it’s been nothing short of a thrill of a ride! It could have been the spot-on characterization that hooked me, or the multitude of distinguished authors who contributed to the work, the wonderful, well thought out stories, the satisfaction of finding each and every loose end left flapping by the original series wrapped up tightly and convincingly, the complete and utter joy of full-on wish fulfilment, or, most probably, a combination of all of the above. Congratulations on your anniversary, Shipper Seasons, and I offer you my thanks for entertaining me, my love for being everything I could wish for, and my wish for your lasting endurance and impact on the fandom.

Secular Atrophy

Hard to believe that it’s already been 10 years since you launched the Shipper Seasons – I suppose it’s appropriate that the series is winding up at the same time the “official” Xena conventions are coming to an end. Sounds like a great time for a tribute!

I think that the aspect of the SS that I appreciated most was the efforts put forth by all of the authors and creative people to keep the characters “real.” There are fanfic writers who get carried away by the relationship theme and feel compelled to make it the heart of every story; in this series, you made sure that characters had room to grow and change, with plenty of scope for new characters and situations that kept the plots and developments fresh. Sabina was a great addition to the cast, and the reintroduction of Roman politics (with a rather more scrupulous regard for historical accuracy than the TV shows ever displayed) was adroitly handled. I hope we get to see Vespasian again; that crude old duffer is probably my favorite Roman emperor.

I also enjoy the room you allow characters in which to make mistakes, sometimes very costly ones. I like a Xena who doesn’t always have all the right answers and has to listen to Gab every now and then, just as I like a Gab who has to make great compromises in her own life as she takes on the responsibilities of parenthood. Everyone has had to grow up in this series – even Ares.

Finally, although the Ares/Xena relationship can get a little mushy for my taste at times, on the whole you’ve been able to keep some prickliness there. I think that some tension is fundamental to those characters – they may have seen things through the same eyes once, but that was a long time ago, and Xena’s moral sense and memories of the past will always be a factor between the two. As for Ares, his recent mortality has deepened his sensibilities, but at heart he’ll always feel that the “Greater Good” is something that happens to other people – he does good deeds because it makes Xena happy, not because of any profound zeal. On the whole, I think you’ve done a great job of balancing the romantic elements with the pragmatic and moral ones.

It’s been a fun ride this last decade – shame it has to come to an end, but it’s a real tribute to everyone involved that they’ve continued to produce high-quality stories for a decade while coping with real-life responsibilities. My deepest thanks to you all.