8.10 Troubled Faces



Inside Resor's tent. Resor is standing behind his table, Virgil in front of it. Eve is sitting on a stool while Xena kneels next to her, checking the bump on her head.

RESOR (reproachful):
     I was expecting better from you, Virgil, I really was.

     Well, I'm so sorry to disappoint.

     I thought if anyone would want Joxer to be avenged, it would be you. I wonder...is it just your principles?

VIRGIL (frowns):
     What do you mean?


     There has to be something else. (looks at Virgil, Xena and back at Virgil) You don't hate her at all, do you?

VIRGIL (looks at Xena, who keeps her face blank):
     I love her.

Pan to Eve, whose expression is unreadable except for a touch of sadness, and then to Resor, who nods, unsurprised.

VIRGIL (to Eve):
     I'm sorry I hit you, Eve. You wouldn't have let me get you out of there otherwise. (to Resor) Yeah--I love her. And I'm not going to let you kill her.

RESOR (to Xena):
     I didn't believe you when you first told me...but now... (he pauses, then turns to Virgil) You know how much I loved Joxer. And I've always loved you. Maybe I'll never understand how you can love the woman who killed your father...but I'll try. (quick pan to Virgil, who smiles) I don't know that I'll ever be able to forgive her--but can you forgive me?

     Of course. You were sure you were doing the right thing.

RESOR (thoughtfully):
     Maybe that's the most dangerous thing for a warrior...to be sure that you're doing the right thing. So sure that you never stop to question what you're doing or what you've become.

Eve is listening closely to Resor; she nods slightly, looking pained. Xena touches her shoulder gently.

RESOR (to Eve):
     Is that how it started for you? You were sure that what you were doing was right?

EVE (quietly):

RESOR (looks at Virgil, then back at Eve):
     If Virgil believes you're trying to make amends for what you did...I guess that should be good enough for me. Whatever you're doing, just keep doing it.

EVE (sadly):
     I don't think I'll ever be able to atone for what I've done... (pan to Xena, who gives her an anguished look) But I couldn't live with myself if I didn't try.

XENA (squeezes Eve's shoulder):
     Come on...let's go.

As they start leaving, the camera zooms in on Virgil who is watching Eve, a very melancholy look on his face. Resor, too, looks after Xena and Eve, then turns to look at Virgil. Virgil turns to him and musters a smile.

     You know something? I'm really proud of you today.


     I'll tell you something else. My dad would have been proud of you, too.

RESOR (quietly):
     I hope so.

He and Virgil look at each other and then hug.


Eve and Xena as they leave the camp. They walk a little way. Xena looks at Eve, who is staring ahead.


Eve stops and looks at her.


     You said before that you were going to swear off fighting again. Did you mean that?

EVE (defensively):
     Is that a problem for you?

XENA (hastily):
     No! I just wonder what kind of life you see for yourself... Are you going to start preaching again?

EVE (looks down):
     I guess that was even less successful than the fighting...but at least it wasn't my fault that it didn't work out.

     What do you mean?

EVE (slowly):
     When I was the Messenger of Eli...it all went wrong because Michael used me for his own power play. I had no idea what he was up to. But if I'm a warrior and things go wrong...it's going to be because of what I have inside me. The violence--the bloodlust... (pan to Xena's face; she looks horrified) I know I've been fighting for good. But I heard what Resor said in there...the most dangerous thing for a warrior is to be completely sure that you're doing the right thing. (quietly) What if, once I start down this path, it leads me right back to killing innocent people?

Xena hugs Eve a little awkwardly.

     Oh, Eve. Is that what's been troubling you?

     Shouldn't it? What if, the next time it happens, you aren't here to stop me?

     You can always stop yourself.

EVE (laughs bitterly):
     Are you so sure of that?


     Eve...when you're fighting, you often don't know if you're doing the right thing or not. You just have to trust your instincts--or lose your life.

     Maybe that's better than losing my soul.

     Hey--look at me. (touches Eve's chin and looks into her eyes) I won't lie to you. It's not going to be easy. But no matter what you do--whether you fight or don't fight--it's not going to be easy for you if you want to make amends for the past.

EVE (softly):
     I'm scared.

     Of what, Eve?


     Of what's inside me.

XENA (sighs):
     I wish I had an answer for that.


The kitchen of the villa. The door to the garden is open and the sun is shining through into the house. Xena, Gabrielle, Orphelia and Eve are standing, talking. Orphelia is standing next to Eve, clearly relieved.

     So everything's okay now?

     I don't think Resor's going to go after Eve again.

     Good. (pause) Are you going to stay for a few days?

Xena, Gabrielle and Eve exchange a look.

     We do have--business.

ORPHELIA (disappointed):
     Right now?

EVE (nods to Xena and sighs):
     Yeah...I'm sorry. But...I really enjoyed getting to see you again. Maybe I could come back sometime?

ORPHELIA (hugs Eve):
     Of course, whenever you're in the area, you come see me.

The camera pans for a view of the garden through the door; Virgil is standing in the middle of the lawn, watching the house. Pan back to Eve, who glances at him--obviously the only one who has seen him--and then turns back to the others.

     I'm going to go outside a while.


A close-up of Virgil in the garden. He looks very pensive.

The camera pulls back to show Eve walking up to him quietly.

     Virgil, are you okay?

VIRGIL (jumps at her voice):
     Wh--oh, it's you. (he smiles) I'm fine.

     I wanted to thank you for helping me back there. I didn't do a good job of showing it, but I'm very grateful.

     You're welcome. How's your head?

EVE (mock-pouts and rubs the sore spot):
     Hurts. (shakes her head and smiles) No, it's fine.

     Good. (pause) Can I talk to you? (Eve nods) When I said that I loved you before...the way you reacted... You looked sad. Almost as if--you didn't want me to love you.

EVE (considers this for a moment):
     Well...sometimes I do wish you had fallen in love with some nice farm girl who would look after you really well. You deserve it.

     But I don't want to be in love with her.

     I want you to be happy--and I don't think I'd be able to make you happy.

     Eve--what I want is to be with you. More than anything.

     You say that now--but what if, in a few years, something reminded you of your father and you started to hate me? I don't ever want that to happen, and as long as I'm with you--it could always happen sooner or later.

Virgil takes her in his arms; they hug fiercely. He steps back so that she's still holding him, but he can see her face.

     I've thought of that, too. But, you know what, I think that if Dad could see you today maybe he'd feel as long as you're doing your best to be a good person, his death wasn't in vain.

     Would he really think I'm a good person now?


     Eve...I remember the first time I saw you, you were in a victory parade in Rome, and I couldn't imagine you as anyone's daughter, anyone's friend, being loved by anyone. Now I can't imagine you not being loved by someone, because you've worked so hard to turn your life around. (pause) And I want to be with you always--to see what happens next.

EVE (sighs):
     Virgil...the reason I looked sad when you said you loved me was because--I love you too.


They kiss passionately. When they separate, Eve rests her head on Virgil's shoulder. He strokes her hair.

     But why does that make you sad?

     Because I'm not sure I deserve your love. And because I don't think it can ever work.

     So that's it? We just say that it's not going to work and never see each other again? And then spend the rest of our lives wondering if we could have made it happen?

     I... (sighs) Virgil--I will find you again.

Virgil nods, and they kiss again. The camera pulls back for a long shot of them, then pans around to a window in the villa, where the silhouettes of Xena and Gabrielle can be seen.


Xena and Gabrielle inside the villa. Xena is closing a curtain over the window looking out over the garden.

     I'm sure they'll work it out, don't worry.

     I hope so. I worry about her, you know.

     I know. But she'll be fine, she's a big girl.

     She'll always be my little girl.

They both smile.

     Which reminds me, did you ever settle that debate?

     About whether you can reinvent yourself? (Xena nods) No, we never had another chance to talk about it.

XENA (pensively):
     Maybe Eve is right. (Gabrielle mock scowls) Sooner or later, who you are is going to show through who you pretend to be, whether you like it or not.

GABRIELLE (troubled):
     What are you thinking about?

     Livia showed through Eve...


GABRIELLE (shakes her head decisively):
     No. Long before that, Eve showed through Livia. That's who she really is.

Xena looks at her intently; then her expression softens into a smile.

     Didn't you just admit that you were wrong and Eve was right?

     Oh...I guess you have a point.

XENA (teasing):
     You'll have to admit it to Eve.

GABRIELLE (laughs):
     Oh, the pain. Perhaps we should just forget this conversation ever happened, huh?

XENA (deadpan):
     Gabrielle--since when do you take the easy way out?

     The easy way out? Not a chance--not with you around. (they laugh; Gabrielle's voice starts to fade as the camera pulls back) Come on, let's go find Eve.

A long shot of the front of the villa. We see Eve saying goodbye to Orphelia and Virgil while Xena and Gabrielle approach as we:



[Gabrielle never did get to try Eve's cheese bread during the production of this motion picture.]

Xena: Warrior Princess
Shipper Seasons
Season 8

Episode 10
Troubled Faces

Story By: Amber
Written By: Amber
Edited By: LadyKate
Collage By: Aurora
Images Gathered By: Aurora


XenaLucy Lawless
GabrielleRenee O'Connor
EveAdrienne Wilkinson
VirgilWilliam Gregory Lee
OrpheliaGlenis Levestam
ResorAlex Simpson
BorlosMark Frank
CyrusAndrew Shaw
OranTim Austin
Man #2Ben Picoult

Original Airdate

March 5, 2003

Gabrielle never did get to try Eve's cheese bread during the production of this motion picture.


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