7.22 Sisterhood



A desolate land, not many trees in sight. Ones that can be seen are dying and are bare without leaves. The ground is rocky and swirls of dust are seen blowing in the air, the sun beating down intensely. On one patch of this land is what looks like a makeshift tent village, with scattered fires burning amidst the tents. As the camera moves around the village we see men dressed in animal skins, with necklaces and bracelets made from the fangs of animals. Their hair is long and matted; many of them have long, scraggly beards. Some of them are eating by the campfires, others practicing sword moves. Some women, who look just as scruffy as the men, are scurrying around with crying babies in their arms.

The camera continues to move around the camp until it begins to focus on the largest tent, closing in on it.


Inside the tent we find a man sitting on a large chair decorated with deer antlers and bones. He is dressed quite a bit nicer than the other men we've seen, his long brown hair is more combed, pulled back into a ponytail and he has only a small goatee on his chin. It is clear that he is the leader of this group.

He is surveying a map that lies on a table in front of him. Occasionally he sips wine from a goblet on the table. He seems to be lost in thought.

One of the warriors enters the tent. The man in the chair looks up, and the other man bows.

     My lord Euric... (looks up) ...you summoned me?

     It is time. Gather the rest of the men...we're heading out at first light.

     Yes, my lord.

Euric gestures to him to leave; the warrior bows once more and then leaves. Grinning, Euric takes another sip from the goblet and then goes back to looking at the map. The camera moves in so that we can see the map and we find that it is a map of Greece, a circle around a city in the farthest north corner of Greece labeled as Themiscyra.

EURIC (grins):
     Greece is a big place to conquer--but you gotta start somewhere. This little town should be a cinch.

Euric chuckles and takes a dagger that is lying next to the map and rams it into the map, right where the town is circled.



A campsite. It's morning. Xena, Gabrielle, and Eve, are sitting around a burnt-out fire.

     You still haven't told me where we're headed.

XENA (reluctantly):
     I'm not sure you're going to like this, Eve. We're on our way to Themiscyra.

EVE (shocked):
     But that's...that's the capital city of the Amazons.

GABRIELLE (solemnly):
     Yes. The Amazon tribes are gathering there right now, to discuss some new threat that they may be facing. I don't know what it is yet, but I must attend--they are my people.

     We want you to come with us, Eve.

EVE (nervously):
     You really think I should? The last time I went to the Amazons in peace, they wanted me dead... I know they pardoned me for my crimes, but I doubt they'll be happy to see my face again. (pause) I don't want to cause any more trouble. (sadly) There's nothing there for me.

Gabrielle looks down at the ground and then at Xena who gives her a "go on" look.

     Eve...there's something that Xena and I have to tell you. Something from your past that you don't know about.

Eve looks nervously but curiously at Gabrielle, then at her mother.

     When you were young, we traveled to a land far to the north and there, you were initiated...into the ranks of the Northern Amazons. I gave you my Rite of Caste.


Baby Eve's Amazon initiation

...Baby Eve being baptized into the tribe of the Northern Amazons--"Lifeblood"...



EVE (in shock):
     I'm an Amazon?

     Not just an Amazon...an Amazon Princess.

Close-up on Eve's face, full of guilt and horror.


Xena, Eve and Gabrielle, on horseback, are on a hill overlooking Themiscyra.

XENA (to Eve):
     You don't have to go if you don't want to. We can go on without you, and you can wait for us. (looks down then back at her daughter) I can understand how hard this--

     Mother (looks at Xena), I have to face them sooner or later. (looks at both Xena and Gabrielle) I wish you'd told me sooner... In a way, it makes it all the worse--knowing that the Amazons I killed were my sisters. Maybe not by blood, but they were my people. Maybe they'll be all the more determined to seek revenge when they found out...that they were betrayed by one of their own. (she pauses to think, her face grim) But that's why I have to go...

Xena puts a comforting hand on her daughter's shoulder.

     Don't be so hard on yourself.

     Is that what you tell yourself, Mother?

XENA (looks down):
     Eve, what you...the person you used to be...did to the Amazons was horrible. I know you can never get over it. But your being an Amazon doesn't make it any worse...you didn't know.

EVE (nods half-heartedly):
     Do you think they will ever really understand that I am not who I used to be? That I am truly sorry?

GABRIELLE (lovingly):
     I'm sure they will, Eve.

     You think they'll ever accept me as an Amazon?

     You are an Amazon. No one can take that away from you.

EVE (sighs):
     Except myself.

Xena, her face outwardly unemotional, nudges Argo in the side and starts riding down the hill, with Gabrielle at her side. Eve rides a few paces behind them, looking troubled, as we: