7.22 Sisterhood



Gabrielle is in her room sitting up in bed, trying to write in a scroll propped up on her knee. Her quill slips and she makes a face in frustration. The door opens; she looks up and sees Eve.

     How are you feeling?

GABRIELLE (winces a little):
     Trying to write in a position that obviously wasn't meant for it.

     What are you writing?

GABRIELLE (smiles):
     The story of how a certain young woman became an Amazon...


     I'm so glad you brought me here, Gabrielle. I've been looking for my own path, and maybe I have finally found it. I have spent years talking to people about loving each other, but these women have shown me what love really is. They stand together like true sisters--bound by a loyalty that can even overcome (sighs) old grudges and old hatreds. (quietly) I'm proud to be a part of their family.

     You think everything will be all right now between you and Varia?

     I'm sure it will be...Varia was misguided but she means well.

     And you're ready to fight Euric?

EVE (thoughtfully):
     I think I am. I don't want to kill, Gabrielle. I wish we could all live according to Eli's teachings. But I have been watching you and Mother, and I know that as long as there are people in the world who seek to harm others, sometimes the only answer is to fight--and sometimes people must die.

A close-up on Gabrielle as she nods, her own face clouding over with sadness.


The main town square at dusk. Eve is standing on the platform where Varia stood before, the armed Amazons lined up before her. Xena is also standing in the crowd.

     Amazons! Euric's army plans to attack after nightfall and take Themiscyra by storm. They outnumber us; our only advantage lies in surprise. What we're going to do is hide in the woods outside the city walls and attack them from the flanks and the rear as they try to break down the gates. (an approving murmur goes up among the Amazons) We'll also post archers on the walls and in the trees. Two of you will stay behind to protect Gabrielle, just in case some of Euric's men manage to get into the city. (pauses) Are you ready to fight!

     We are! -- Yes, Princess Eve! -- We're ready to follow you into battle!

Xena smiles proudly.

     All right. Let's get to it, then.

KLYMENE (off screen):

Klymene walks up to the front of the crowd, stopping by the platform.

     I know that I haven't reached fighting age yet--but I want to help. I want to go into battle with you.

     Klymene, you're not...

     Euric's men killed my mother. This is my only chance to avenge her death. (pleading) Eve, I'm a really good archer. Anyone will tell you that.

     It's true--she's better than most grown-ups.

     All right. (sighs) You can join us.

Eve steps down from the platform and the Amazons head toward the gates.


Outside the gates. It is night; the stars shine brightly, giving everything an eerie glow. The camera pans over the Amazons hidden in the trees, then to other women who are at the top of the wall on lookout, armed with bows and arrows.

The camera pans down to show four Ostrogoth warriors creeping silently through the streets of Themiscyra and up to the gates.


Eve, waiting in ambush with the other Amazons. There is a strange sound, like a short cry followed by another.

VARIA (startled):
     What was that?


An Amazon falling from the wall, a dagger buried in her side, and landing with a thud on the ground on the other side of the wall.

     Did you hear that?

Eve nods, an intensely focused look on her face.

There is another creaking sound. The camera zooms in on the gate as it is opened just a little.

XENA (grimly):
     They're inside. Let's get them.

Several Amazons push the gates wide open and rush in. Inside, they find the four Ostrogoth warriors, who look shocked. The Amazons attack them. In short order two of them are dead and the other two are pinned to the ground.

     How did you get in?

The men are silent, breathing hard.

XENA (upper lip curls up in a snarl):
     Well, I guess it's showtime.

She hauls one of the Ostrogoths to his feet and jabs him in the side of the neck. He falls on his knees, gasping and clutching at his neck.

XENA (with a gleeful smile):
     Having trouble breathing? I don't think you're familiar with this routine, so let me simplify this. I won't try to explain how it works, but you'll be dead in thirty seconds unless you tell me how you got in.

OSTROGOTH (wheezing):

XENA (jabs him in the neck, taking off the pinch):
     What secret entrance? Where?

OSTROGOTH (coughs):
     Last night, one of our scouts...spotted an Amazon in the woods and...followed her...he saw her get in through a secret entrance in the wall...

Xena turns very grim and glances at Varia, who lowers her eyes guiltily.

     This is all my fault...

A high, whooping sound comes from outside the walls that sounds like a bird.

     It's the signal--they're coming. Come on--we can't waste time sorting out whose fault it was. The important thing is to repel this attack.

The two captured Ostrogoths are quickly tied up and gagged. The women go out of the gates to return to their hiding place, while one of them stays behind to lock the gates.

Euric's army emerges from the woods, coming down the road toward the gates at full speed. As they get near, the Amazons attack. The Amazons on the ground fight with all the force that they can muster while others, on the walls and in the trees, rain down arrows on Euric's men. A close-up on Euric's face; he is shocked.


Gabrielle in her bed; a young, red-headed Amazon is changing the bandage on her arm while another, a dark-haired woman, stands guard by the door. The sounds of the battle can be heard in the distance. Gabrielle looks up, a somewhat concerned look on her face.

     Are you worried, my Queen?

     No, I know Eve can handle it.

There is a sound at the door.

RED-HEADED AMAZON (startled, to the Amazon by the door):
     Oterpe, did you hear that?


The Amazons battling Euric's men. Some Amazons fall, but many more of Euric's men are killed. Myopi and Antiope are wounded but still able to fight. Xena is striking down the Ostrogoths left and right. Eve is a superb fighter, almost as good as Xena, and she uses her skills to her best advantage, though she doesn't use her sword much, instead knocking out her enemies with kicks and hand moves.

Suddenly Eve stops and looks around, a thoughtful look on her face. Varia, who is nearby, catches her odd expression.

     What's wrong?

     I was thinking...what if some of them use that secret entrance to get to Gabrielle?

     Do you want to alert Xena?

Eve scans the battle scene looking for Xena and sees her at a distance, fighting several men.

     There's no time--let's go!

Eve and Varia rush through the gates.


The street in front of Gabrielle's cabin. Eve and Varia come running only to see the body of the dark-haired Amazon who was standing guard at Gabrielle's door being thrown out of the house. Then three Ostrogoth warriors come out, two of them dragging Gabrielle. She tries to struggle but she is too weak, and one of the men has a sword to her throat.

With a fierce cry, Eve leaps in the air--a dazzling jump worthy of Xena herself--and kicks down the man holding the sword to Gabrielle's throat. Meanwhile, Varia tackles the second man holding Gabrielle. Gabrielle sinks to the ground, barely conscious. While Eve and Varia fight the three men, the camera pans upward to a fourth Ostrogoth, armed with a bow and arrow, who is positioned on the roof of the cabin and is taking aim at Gabrielle. He releases the arrow.


Varia, who has just killed the Ostrogoth she was fighting, hears the whistle of the arrow and looks up to see the arrow flying straight at Gabrielle. She throws herself in front of the arrow and tries to catch it, but she is not quick enough and the arrow pierces her chest. Eve, who has just knocked out the remaining Ostrogoth, turns around.

EVE (shocked):

She looks up and sees the man on the roof, steadying another arrow. Eve rushes over to Varia and grabs the dagger from her belt. She throws it at the man with the bow, killing him instantly.

Gabrielle sits up and cradles Varia's head in her lap.

     Varia...you saved my life...

VARIA (hoarsely):
     It was the least I could do...

EVE (bends over Varia):

VARIA (coughs, blood appearing on her lips):
     Eve...I'm glad we got a chance to fight side by side... (her eyes begin to dim) Marga...maybe you can be proud of me now...

Varia dies.

Two Amazons come running.

     We thought you might need help--

EVE (points toward Varia, sadly):
     It's too late for her. (the Amazons look shocked) Stay here and look after Gabrielle. I'm needed on the battlefield.

The Amazons pick up Gabrielle and lead her back inside the house while Eve runs toward the gates.


The battle raging outside the gates. Under the onslaught of the Amazons, Euric's men are wavering and ready to retreat; many of them are running.

EURIC (now on foot):
     Fight, you cowards! Are you going to run from a bunch of women?

EVE (off-camera):
     We told you we're not just women--we're Amazons.

Euric spins around to see Eve smirking at him, a dangerous glint in her eye. Snarling, he attacks her and they fight in a dazzling array of sword moves. Finally, distracting Euric with a thrust of her sword, Eve kicks the sword out of his hand and then brings him down with another kick. As Euric sprawls on his back, Eve holds her sword to his throat. Breathing hard, Eve raises her eyes and sees Xena looking at her.

EVE (to Euric):
     I'm willing to spare your miserable life--as long as you never show your face here, or anywhere in Greece, again. You got that?

Panting, Euric nods. Eve takes the sword away from his throat and he gets up.

EURIC (stands up):
     We retreat!

He grabs the bridle of a rider less horse running aimlessly through the battlefield, mounts in the saddle, and starts to ride away. Just then, an arrow whizzes through the air and strikes him in the back. He gives a short, raspy cry and falls to the ground, dead. Gasping, Eve and the other Amazons turn around. The camera pans over and to Klymene, who is lowering her bow.

     Klymene...I promised to spare his life if he retreated.

KLYMENE (a harsh look on her face):
     My mother had to be avenged. Now, she is.

A close-up on Eve, a sad and troubled look on her face as the Amazons around her cheer at their victory.


The town square at dusk. Several funeral pyres are burning, their flames shooting up to the evening sky. Eve, Gabrielle (leaning on Antiope's shoulder), Myopi, and other Amazons are standing at the front of the circle of Amazons surrounding the pyres, to the mournful tune of the Amazon burial song being sung by two voices in the background. Xena stands behind Gabrielle and Eve.

EVE (sadly):
     Perhaps I could have gotten to know Varia as a friend...that will never happen now.

     Eve, Varia died like a true Amazon--fighting for her sisters.

ANTIOPE (to Eve):
     You, too, are a true Amazon now. It was an honor to fight by your side, Eve. I'm glad we made the decision to accept you into the Amazon Nation.

Eve nods silently. Klymene comes up to her.

KLYMENE (hesitantly):
     Eve...I wanted to thank you for saving my life the other day. If my mother were still alive... (pauses, blinking away tears) ...she would see that you are not the same woman she fought years ago. I think she would have liked you.

Eve smiles with tears in her eyes and hugs Klymene.


Xena, Gabrielle, and Eve walking down the street together, Gabrielle leaning on Xena and Eve.

EVE (thoughtfully):
     I was thinking about that girl...I understand why she did what she did, but it frightens me. At such a young age, her heart is already consumed by rage and revenge...

     Maybe you could teach her a way beyond that rage, Eve.

     You mean, if I stay here?


     I was thinking about that...

     It might be good for you, too, Eve. You might even learn more about who you really are. (smiles) Besides, you'll keep me company.



     I was thinking of staying for a while and taking my tribe back to their land when they are ready to go. I sometimes feel like I've let them down...I've neglected them after the battle with Bellerophon, when Varia was deposed as Queen and they were left without a firm leader. I really haven't fulfilled my promise to them.

     So, I guess this means I'm on my own for a while, huh?

     Unless you'd prefer to stay here with us...

XENA (shakes head):
     Nah. You know I'm not the Amazon type.

GABRIELLE (mischievously):
     Well, somehow I have a feeling that right now, you won't mind being on your own quite so much.

     What's that supposed to mean?

     I mean--you won't really be on your own.

XENA (quickly):
     I don't know what you're... (pauses) Oh all right. I do know what you're talking about.

There is a light chuckle between them. Then, Xena looks at Eve.

     Eve, you never did tell us how you got out of that cave.

EVE (smiles):
     I...had help from someone.

XENA (puzzled):

EVE (a faint smile crosses her lips for a moment):
     I'm not sure he would want you to know.

GABRIELLE (grins):
     Oh--so it was a he!

Gabrielle and Xena exchange an amused look, and the three women continue to walk down the street. The camera pulls up for an overhead shot of the town, with the funeral pyres still burning on the square, as we:



[Ares had a lot of time off during the production of this motion picture.]

Xena: Warrior Princess
Shipper Seasons
Season 7

Episode 22

Story By: Aurora and LadyKate
Written By: Aurora, Initia, Kim and LadyKate
Edited By: LadyKate
Collage By: Aurora
Images Gathered By: Aurora


XenaLucy Lawless
GabrielleRenee O'Connor
EveAdrienne Wilkinson
Kevin Smith
VariaTsianna Joelson
AntiopeJessica Sax
MyopiSamantha Housden
MeroeCassidy Moore
KlymeneHilary Duff
MargaSela Apera
EuricGregory Dorzda
OstrogothNathan Hayes
OfficerJeff Foster
AmazonKristen Haseley

Original Airdate

June 10, 2002

Ares had a lot of time off during the production of this motion picture.


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