7.15 Princess of Thieves



A beautiful clear blue lake is surrounded by trees and berry bushes. Close up of surface of lake. There isn't a ripple in sight until a beautiful woman rises out of the water. She has sapphire colored eyes and is surrounded by a golden glow, seeming to be one with the water.

Camera pans back to the shore and we see someone in a long robe watching her. The woman notices the figure for the first time and frowns.

     What are you doing here?

     Watching you, beautiful Inyx.

INYX (whispers):
     Please go away, I don't want any trouble.

ZEUS (starts walking into the water):
     The world is at my fingertips, I can control the universe, so I think "no means no" is not gong to work. (reaches her and grabs her arm pulling Inyx close) I am the King of the Gods, girl, why deny me?

In a golden flash Hera appears.

     Because she's a smart nymph.

INYX (sobbing):
     Goddess, please save my soul.

ZEUS (sighs):
     A little melodramatic, don't you think?

The Queen of the Gods raises her hands and turns the nymph into a white dove. Inyx flies away quickly.

ZEUS (turns to Hera):
     Damn you woman! Do you have to be such a spoilsport?

     You never learn, do you?

Hera leaves in a flash of gold. Zeus looks around for a moment before walking back towards the shore.

     Well, little nymph, you wanted your soul saved. (forms a ball of energy in his hand. Inyx in bird form is circling the lake, suddenly the dove falls from the sky and Zeus is left holding a ball of bright light) A visit to Hephaestus is in order.


On Screen Writing: Hundreds of Years Later

Someone in a dark green cape, their face invisible, is hanging from the ceiling by a rope. The camera pans over to it and closes in on a solid golden statue of a nymph sitting on a pedestal.

It has sapphire eyes and lips made of hundreds of ruby chips; each ear is decorated with a perfect diamond for an earring. Pan back to see the entire room, gold coins sit in piles in various positions on the ground. A chest filled with precious jewels is sitting in one corner.

The figure reaches out to grab the statue and the rope breaks under the weight.

     This is not good.

A dozen armed guards storm into the room and surround the intruder.


Sitting on a large throne is a King. The intruder is kneeling before him still surrounded by guards. Hung upon nearly every wall are posters with slogans such as "Vote for King Eurystheus. Or else."

     Well, well, well. When Zeus died, I went to great lengths to get my hands on that statue. And here you are, trying to take it from me! Now what happens if Zeus finds out I have it? He'll take it away from me, and probably my head with it. Can you see my problem here? You somehow found out that I had the statue of Inyx. What I want to know is--how?

One of the guards rips the intruders cape away from them and we close in on the face of a scared girl. She has very dark brown eyes and long wavy, chestnut colored hair.

     Oh my, not exactly what I was expecting. Throw her in the dungeon; Daddy dearest will soon be here to save his precious princess. (rubs hands together) Isn't that right, Anticlea?

     You leave my father out of this!

KING EURYSTHEUS (sinister smile):
     Sorry. No can do, Princess of Thieves.


A busy market place, Xena and Gabrielle are making their way through hundreds of stalls.

GABRIELLE (to herself):
     I suddenly have a craving for Indian food. Some nice rice...curry...

     Last time you had a craving for Indian food we ended up in India.

     That was a spiritual quest.

     Yeah, for barah kebabs with a side of dhal!

     You should talk. Last time we went to Chin, we spent a whole afternoon looking for a tavern that served the perfect Chicken Lo Mein.

XENA (raises an eyebrow):
     Well, at least I--

The conversation is interrupted when a large group of people runs by, seemingly chasing someone. They stop for a second, look at each other, realize the person they're after isn't there and turn around and run in the other direction.

     I wonder what that's all about.


Xena is looking towards a figure standing on a roof watching the villagers with amusement.

XENA (flips onto the roof):


AUTOLYCUS (turning around):
     Ah! Hey I know that breast...plate. Xena?

     My, my, we've aged well. What's your excuse?

Autolycus still looks the same as he did the last time Xena saw him give or take a few lines around his eyes.

     My excuse? (his eyes widening) What about you?

     I'm Xena.

     Fair enough.