7.05 Bloodlust I



Eve dreaming--but the camera opens straight onto her flashback. Flashback is quite brief: some shots of Livia murdering various people, very chaotic and disorganized. Eve is clearly upset about something. As she awakes, we see a fairly peaceful campsite--Xena and Gabrielle are sleeping. It is a calm forest clearing and there are enough gaps in the trees to see the moon and stars.

EVE (suddenly sitting up, as she awakes, very shaken):
     Gods... (she breathes heavily in an attempt to calm herself, and shakes her head) It has to stop soon.

She gets up and walks some distance away, pacing around and shaking her head again, still very jumpy. She eventually sits down and puts her head in her hands.

     What is wrong with me?

A hand touches her shoulder, she jumps up very startled--she goes into a fighting stance from sheer reflex--to see a worried looking Xena. She quickly drops her hands and looks down.

XENA (concerned, but not openly showing it):
     Are you all right? What are you doing up?

Eve looking uneasy

EVE (forcing herself to calm down, sighs):
     Nothing. Couldn't sleep. I-I just had a bad dream. Nothing's wrong, honestly. Did I wake you up?

     Yeah, but it doesn't matter. Want to talk about it?

EVE (quickly--a little too quickly):
     No! No, I'm fine. (turns to leave) C'mon, let's go back to camp. Gabrielle will worry if she wakes up and we aren't there.

     Sure, let's go.

They turn to leave.


A campsite. Both Eve and Xena are now in bedrolls, near each other. Gabrielle is still asleep.

     Sure you don't want to talk?

EVE (forceful):

XENA (calming):
     Okay...okay...calm down.

     I'm sorry. (swallows)

     No, no, it's fine. Are you looking forward to the festival tomorrow? (turns over and lies down) If you want to talk, let me know.

     Thanks...but I doubt it. I am actually--I think Gabrielle will enjoy herself more than you and I though. It's her type of thing. Night. (also turns over, but does not try to sleep)

     Good night.


Daylight. Xena, Eve, and Gabrielle are walking up a hill. Gabrielle is a short distance ahead of Xena and Eve, and is walking quickly. She is obviously excited. Eve is quietly watching her mother.

XENA (noticing Eve's gaze):
     Are you okay?

     I'm just glad to have you back. I was so worried when Gabrielle told me you were... I was worried. But you're back. I didn't get a chance to tell you before. (smiles)

     I'm back. And I don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon, so don't you worry, okay? (she stops and cups Eve's cheek in her hand)

     I won't.

XENA (hesitant):
     You want to talk about last night?

     No... You wouldn't understand.

     Of course I would, if you tell me.

GABRIELLE (calling from the top of the hill):
     Are you two coming? I see Nicopolis!

Xena looks at Eve.

EVE (nods):
     Yeah, we're coming. (to Xena) Should be a fun festival, huh?

XENA (smiles):
     Yeah. Let's go.

They join Gabrielle at the top of the hill and look down at a large seaside town obviously ready for a big party. Snatches of music can be heard and there are people everywhere.

GABRIELLE (obviously impatient):
     C'mon, let's go! I want to see Virgil.

She starts off down the hill towards the town. Shaking their heads, Eve and Xena follow as we: