7.05 Bloodlust I



Shots of the town. It is crowded, with everyone enjoying themselves. Xena, Gabrielle and Eve enter the tavern. There is a brief shot of a warrior sitting in the corner, in a subtly Roman style outfit. He has a very gruff demeanor and has several scars on his face. As Eve enters, he gets up, leaves some money on the table for his drink and leaves. Xena, Gabrielle and Eve sit down; each now has a drink. Virgil enters.

Virgil smiling

VIRGIL (coming over to where the other three are sitting):
     Look who's here!


She smiles warmly as Virgil and Gabrielle exchange a hug, before standing up and hugging him herself. Eve stays seated but Virgil hugs her quickly as well; it is obvious that while he doesn't hate her anymore, he is still a little uncomfortable with her. Eve smiles tentatively.

     Want a drink?

     Ale would be good.

GABRIELLE (calling, so as to be heard above the noise in the tavern):
     Barkeep! Another ale, please! (normal voice) How've you been?

     Great! Great. There was a storytelling competition in Thebes a week ago, I wrote a poem especially for it--won first prize. You can read it sometime if you like--I'd love to hear your opinion.

GABRIELLE (pleased):
     Congratulations! I'd love to read it!

Barkeeper comes with Virgil's ale.

     Thank you. (to Gabrielle) Sure, just let me know when you want it.

     So, how are Kara and Theon? Better, I suspect.

     Yes, much better as a matter of fact. Whatever it was that you gave them, it sure did the trick. Thank you again.

Eve nods. Suddenly, the same warrior we saw earlier, plus about ten others all in Roman clothing comes in and heads straight for Xena and the others. All four stand up, Xena, Gabrielle and Virgil drawing their respective weapons. Eve just stands there, obviously recognizing the stranger.

Roman warrior

     We're not here to fight. We're here to bring Livia here-- (he jerks his head at Eve) --to justice.

     Didus, my name is Eve--you know that. And you don't need those thugs. I'll come.

She walks over to him, ignoring Xena's outstretched hand.

     Wait a minute! What's going on? Eve?

     Mother, I'm sorry! I should've told you before--

DIDUS (cuts Eve off):
     Tie her up. (to Xena) Did your precious daughter not tell you? She murdered Emperor Augustus!

Zoom in on Xena's shocked face.

Xena shocked

     Eve...is that true?

EVE (looks down):
     Yes. I killed him.

     See? She admits it!

     That's as maybe. But that girl is my daughter and she's not going anywhere.

DIDUS (rolls his eyes):
     Get them--but get her out of the way first. We don't want her harmed.

An unresisting Eve is dragged out of the way by two other warriors, as the rest attack Xena, Gabrielle and Virgil. Didus stays back, keeping an eye on Eve. The other people in the tavern get out of the way as best as they can as Xena grabs a torch, takes a gulp of her drink and blows a huge flame onto two of the soldiers. Gabrielle is fighting two off--one with each sai--and Virgil is fighting one. Xena flips over Gabrielle and Virgil to punch out another man before leaping into the air and kicking one leg out to each side to knock out two more. Gabrielle manages to finish off her man before coming up behind the last one standing, whom Virgil is fighting and slamming her hand, braced by her sai, against his head. Xena tries to pull Eve away from her guards.

     Mother, stop, they're right.

     Oh good. Livia has more sense than she did last time we met.

     She told you, her name is Eve.

     Well, then Eve (he makes it an obvious insult), it looks like you're coming home.

     Which part of "no" do you not understand? She's not going anywhere and we'll take out as many of your thugs as we have to until you realize--

EVE (interrupts):
     Mother, wait. (to Didus) We're going to Rome?

     Where else? Emperor Claudius is looking forward to putting you on trial for your crimes. You should know, Eve, that the penalty for high treason is death.

Xena starts to speak, but Eve again interrupts. Gabrielle and Virgil are still standing, making sure that none of the soldiers get up again.

     I have the right to choose someone to act as my advocate, don't I?


     Then I pick Xena, my mother.

DIDUS (not happy at all):
     Fine. Let's go.