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While we re-run the season 10 episodes in preparation for the release of the remaining episodes, LadyKate and Aurora will be re-reading the eps and discussing them via Instant Messanger. Below is that discussion. Enjoy!

April 19, 2012

LadyKate: This episode was just such a pleasure to re-read. I'd forgotten how funny it was -- definitely one of our best comedies, and it reminded me on some of the classic "wacky comedies" on X:WP such as "Been There Done That" or "The Quill Is Mightier."

Aurora: oh yeah, definitely. I love hearing each one of the characters telling slightly different versions of what happened during that day and using that as a way to see each side of the story. very fun.

Aurora: it does deal with some issues that they've been having, too, but in a rather exaggerated way

LadyKate: Actually it's funny that at one point I remember that Sais and I were talking about doing what she called a "Rashomon ep." In reference to a classic Japanese film called "Rashomon" which consists of the same event seen completely differently through the eyes of four different characters. We wanted to do it as a serious episode, but we could never come up with a good storyline for it and it never materialized. And then Elfrieda without even knowing that we had this idea did the same thing but in a comical vein, and I think it worked really well.

Aurora: oh, well, i remember the Rashomon ep being talked about. it was something i wanted to see happen because it sounded interesting and i believe we talked about making it a comedy in the end

Aurora: probably because, yeah, it wasn't working as a drama

LadyKate: Hmm. Did Elfrieda know that we were going to do this? I don't think so -- I think she got this idea on her own.

Aurora: i'm pretty sure i wrote the outline. we had talked about it on our forum. i do know that the idea of it being a comedy, at least in my mind, was around for a while

LadyKate: Oh, okay. That's cool. I'd forgotten the history of this.

Aurora: and Elfredia was included in those conversations, I recall

LadyKate: Hm, I don't believe she was on the forum, was she?

LadyKate: Anyway doesn't matter. Either way it came out great.

Aurora: we invited her to the board for that purpose

LadyKate: ooh, okay.

Aurora: i just checked the board, too. oh, it was a lot of fun being able to include her. she offered some great ideas. and did a wonderful job on this episode

LadyKate: Anyway, the end result was great. I had so much fun re-reading this. So many great scenes -- one of my favorites was the "man to man" conversation between Ares and Hephaestus. :D

Aurora: yes, it was. had me laughing out loud many times.

Aurora: not just in that scene but throughout the episode. I loved how Ares was all whiny about being mortal.

LadyKate: Yeah, and how his whininess is exaggerated in Gabrielle's recollection. :D

Aurora: because, deep down, he may not really act like that but i can totally get that the reality of mortality forever is going to be something he's gonna have to get used to. i'm glad we were able to show that in the extreme

Aurora: oh yeah, love how exaggerated it gets

LadyKate: Yeah, and of course it's a serious issue but we're dealing with it here in a clearly comical way. I do like how things get serious for just a moment when Discord fades away.

Aurora: yeah. but it's great that she got to go out with a bang. it's perfect she was able to cause all this conflict and discord.

LadyKate: Oh, yeah, that was a great idea.

LadyKate: Bringing back Genia was really nice too.

Aurora: yeah. and hestian virgins

Aurora: and orphans

LadyKate: Yeah. I love when Aphrodite's account has Xena and Ares making out in the barn and when they both say it didn't happen she says, "Well, ex-squeeze me for trying to make your boring mortal lives more interesting!" :D

Aurora: it's quite a hodgepodge of different ideas we wanted to throw together. like the various ideas that were thrown together to create Fins Femmes and Gems

Aurora: oh yeah, love how Aphrodite did that.

Aurora: then of course, in the end, they make out behind the tavern for real :)

LadyKate: Oh yeah. And yes, it is. The old woman readjusting the figures for the town's population was hilarious too.

LadyKate: I could totally see something like that on the show.

Aurora: it was, lol

Aurora: I feel for Aphrodite, too. I'm glad she has a place to live now. and I love the idea of her selling things from her temple so that she can live the kind of life she feels she needs. it's going to take even longer for her to adjust to mortal life than Ares

LadyKate: Oh yeah, Aphrodite selling off stuff from her temple was really funny. And I love the whole bit where she tries to shoot the thug with the crossbow she once gave little Cupid and then goes "I can't believe I let him play with that" :D

Aurora: yeah, because a "real" crossbow I guess she figured was a lot safer than one that gave people the love-bug :D

Aurora: safer for a goddess, not for a mortal. ha

LadyKate: Heh, yeah. Aphrodite in general was just great in this ep. :D

Aurora: yeah, she was. nice to see her again

LadyKate: Oh, and I loved Xena and Gab bickering about whether Eve as a baby was better behaved than Samuel. :D

Aurora: haha.

Aurora: and their resolution in the end. Gab's got it tough and it shows here, too, but they're in it together and that's what is most important

LadyKate: Yeah, of course.

LadyKate: It's really impressive that this episode manages to be so dynamic despite retelling the same story four times.

Aurora: oh yeah. that little bit of difference and insight makes you keep interest. just waiting to see how someone else will tell the same scene as the person before

LadyKate: Yeah, and of course how everyone's narrative is skewed in their favor. And the way Dite thinks that the rest of them are leaving out all the good parts which are all about sex, lol.

Aurora: haha

Aurora: so very Aphrodite

Aurora: and i like how with each one of them, we get to see complete scenes that weren't in all of the stories, like Aphrodite at her house with Heph, and Xena on the road speaking to Argo while she's tracking the thugs, or Gab telling her stories to the children.

LadyKate: Oh yeah, very true. Also Argo's conversation with Quirinus was hilarious. (Ending with Quirinus telling Argo she thinks too much. :D )

Aurora: oh yeah. a throwback to Five In the Bed and the Little One Said...

LadyKate: Ooh, yeah.

Aurora: Argo's always the smarter horse, it seems. her conversation with the horse in FITBATLOS was very one sided, where the other horse just neighed

LadyKate: The horses' dialogue was something new that we did on the Shipper Seasons. (And yeah, I remember that!) That was funny, but I like this version better.

Aurora: yeah, I like this one very much, too. Argo's too talkative--guess she's more like Gabrielle than even Gab knows! maybe that's why she and Xena have always been so compatible and why Gab (or Argo) felt jealous of the other when they don't get all of Xena's attention. ha

LadyKate: LOL, that's an interesting way of looking at it! :D

Aurora: well, i guess, this is Argo's daughter.... but still, it's in the genes. :D

Aurora: and hey, Argo deserves attention, too. hearing her thoughts has been a fun comedy moment; I believe it was all Tali's idea back then in that first episode

LadyKate: Yeah, I think so. Very nice touch.

Aurora: i love Ares' fantasy about Xena during the first fight from his POV story

Aurora: it's how i could really imagine him seeing her during the heat of battle--sharing lustful eye contact with him just before she slices someone with her sword :D

LadyKate: Yeah, that was great, and of course in reality she doesn't slice anyone. :D

Aurora: oh yeah

Aurora: Aphrodite wants more sex in the stories, Ares wants more action. :D

LadyKate: LOL !!! yeah, though Ares throws in some pretty bawdy stuff too. I love how he remembers Xena giving him a sultry look in response to him saying "Maybe you can help me work out those kinks later" and Xena remembers rolling her eyes. :D

Aurora: oh yeah. he does. and yeah, love that moment.

Aurora: also the moment when he eyes her when she goes to grab the bucket.

LadyKate: Heh, yeah.

Aurora: i really like the idea of hearing Xena's thoughts about how she really doesn't have much "me" time now that Gab has a baby and Ares is around all the time. Not that she loves them less, but, yeah, it's got to be a very different feeling to have him as a constant traveling partner. it's something they just need to work through.

LadyKate: Yeah -- it's cool that we explored all those issues in this comedy setting.

Aurora: this ep was very much like A Day In the Life in that way. we wanted to deal with some important issues (at least just touch on them to be built later on) amidst all the comedy.

Aurora: it's also their first real ep after the drama of the previous eps and the previous months of traveling abroad. we needed a comedy at this time after so much that has gone on since the finale of last season

LadyKate: Yeah, that's actually a really good point (the comparison to A Day in the Life). It was definitely a good time to do a lighthearted episode.

LadyKate: Considering how dark the season's first two episodes were.

Aurora: yeah. just a left over following the darkness of the finale

Aurora: yep. time for a good fun episode. and one where they return to their roots, too--Greece and the renovated old farm of Xena's (which I think is cool that Aphrodite had it updated and made to fit her yet she kept the post that Xena carved her initial into).

LadyKate: Oh yeah, that was a nice touch.

Aurora: do you wonder, though, if it was just a little bit selfish for Aphrodite to go in and change everything about that old farm without Xena's consent?

LadyKate: Oh, yeah, of course! But she's Aphrodite. It's very much like her.

Aurora: yeah, it is

Aurora: glad she did keep xena in mind while doing it though (re: the post). but now she has a place to live. guess Ares won't be visiting it as it was anymore. lol not that he'd miss that farm that much

Aurora: also, we've done this in other episodes we've written, I'm sure, but I really do love bringing in references to "real life" into eps when we can (intentional or otherwise). like when Heph tells Aphrodite that they can't afford a hot tub because of the way the economy is right now.

LadyKate: Oh, yeah, I noticed that too-that was really cool.

LadyKate: So yeah, definitely a great ep and a great addition to the season.

Aurora: yep, it was. so many random little things fit together in a cohesive episode.

LadyKate: Yeah, and such a funny one too.

Aurora: so thanks for chatting about it :)

LadyKate: sure. my pleasure and it was a pleasure to reread it too.