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The Shipper Seasons are comprised of a bunch of talented people and without them, none of what you see here today would be possible. So, because this place is so group oriented and everyone who contributes makes a difference, this page acknowledges each and every person and their accomplishments that have made this site and the seasons what they are.

First off, we'd like to thank Ephiny, who was the one who thought up this whole idea to have other seasons of Xena in the first place. Without her, none of us would probably be here. Many thanks go to all the authors who, because without them, none of this would be possible, and of course, thank you to all who visit here because without any of you, this site would just be meaningless. Thanks a bunch!

All other acknowledgments are listed by category.


All writers are given credit for their episodes directly on the episode's Teaser page. Please look there to find out who has accomplished what for the Shipper Seasons. We are all very grateful to have everyone who has helped write with us!


All episode collages and ep screencaps and photo manipulations are created by Aurora.

The slideshow opening credits were created by Tango and the movie opening credtis were created by Ryan. Both can be downloaded from the episode guide pages.

The chakram graphic came from Todd's Costumes (we do not own the graphic, but are only using it).

Many of the images that are used for creating the montages, collages, screencaps for the episodes and various images used in the design of this site are provided by Mikes Xena Wallpapers, Michelle's Xena Picture Library, or Ariane's XWP Gallery. Many of the screencaps were caped from the DVD's by Aurora.

The bell image used for the season 9 episode "Take Two" is provided by Prodraw Animations.

The screencaps from Kevin Smith's performance in the SciFi Channel movie "Riverworld" used for episode 8 "Unleashed" were capped by Taleen and can be found on the web at


Thanks to we were able to get a wav file of the Xena Warrior Princess theme song.

Thanks to Amber for being able to download the music used in "What Dreams May Come". All songs are property of the artists they belong to. Listed in order they appear in the script: "Piece Of My Heart" by Lionel Ritchie, "Someday" by All-4-One, "I'm A Loser" by The Beatles, and "When You Believe" by Mariah Carry and Whitney Huston. The songs are available here only for the reader's benefit.

The mp3 file of the song, "It's Only Love" used for the season 8 finale "Behind Your Eyes" was created for this site by Aurora and was created only to give viewers the chance to hear the song that plays out in the episode. Obviously, real copyrights to that song belong to the artist, Heather Nova.

The music clip in the season 9 episode "Lost and Found" was provided by Jenn, webmistress of XWPonline.

The bell chimes for the season 9 episode "Take Two" is provided by


The javascripts used on this site came from either Dynamic Drive, Javascript Internet, or A1javascripts.

The script used for the site navigation menu came from Dynamic Drive, located at

The form on the contact page is powered by Response-O-Matic.

The Greek font, Dalek, used for this site came from Dafont.

The vertical scrolling text script (seen on each episode page for the opening and ending credits) came from GDev Resources.