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S I T E   L A S T   U P D A T E D
11/18/19 3:15 PM MST

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Welcome to the Shipper Seasons, a virtual spin-off of Xena Warrior Princess with a shipper twist! We intend to bring you new episodes of Xena where, for the first time, Xena's relationship with Ares takes center stage. We are a syndicated virtual show, so we try to air episodes at least every few weeks.

A little bit about this project: in April of 2001, several months before Xena ended, a group of online friends decided to get together and start a new virtual season of XWP once the show wrapped up and the credits rolled for the last time. The plan was to have the focus be on Xena and Ares because we were all shippers and felt that their relationship was not finished during the course of the show and we wanted to take their relationship in the direction that it deserved to be taken in. We also felt that Xena and Gabrielle had more adventures to embark upon and that Xena's death in Jappa was not going to be her final stand. Thus, the Shipper Seasons were born and the Xena/Ares relationship was destined to continue on.

So, for those die-hard shipper fans out there who feel that Xena and Ares were meant for one another and that Xena still had more lives to live despite the way the show ended then this site is just for you! The Shipper Seasons will bring a whole new meaning to shipper fan fiction and will be able to fill that gap that so many of us shippers were left with when the show concluded its run.

So, sit back and relax and journey into the heart of the Shipper Seasons, where the show may have ended but the Xena legacy and more importantly, the undeniable bond between Xena and Ares, lives on!

This site is dedicated to the memory of Kevin Smith. He passed away February 16, 2002 due to head injuries from an unfortunate accident in China. He will be greatly missed by his family, his friends, and thousands of his loyal fans but he will remain in our hearts and our thoughts forever.
We loved you, Kevin! May you rest in peace and know that
you will never be forgotten.


"The Chinese called him a 'shooting star.' A shooting star goes up and makes an impression and then they go, but are never forgotten."

-- Trisha Downie, New Idea Magazine


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This site is dedicated to the loving memory of Kevin Smith.