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Welcome to the Shipper Seasons, a virtual fan fiction spin-off of Xena Warrior Princess with a shipper twist! We intend to bring you new episodes of Xena where, for the first time, Xena's relationship with Ares takes center stage.

A little bit about this project: in April of 2001, several months before Xena ended, a group of online friends decided to get together and start a new virtual season of XWP once the show wrapped up and the credits rolled for the last time. The plan was to have the focus be on Xena and Ares because we were all shippers and we wanted to take their relationship in the direction that it deserved to be taken in. We also felt that Xena and Gabrielle had more adventures to embark upon and that Xena's death in Jappa was not going to be her final stand. Thus, the Shipper Seasons were born.

So, sit back and relax and journey into the heart of the Shipper Seasons, where the show may have ended but the Xena legacy and more importantly, the undeniable bond between Xena and Ares, lives on!

October 16, 2020
1:10 PM MST

Happy 25th Anniversary to The Reckoning!

Today is the anniversary of the episode "The Reckoning", Ares' first appearence in the Xenaverse! A great introduction to an amazing character that has honestly become one of my favorites in any fandom. His wit, his looks, his bravado, his charm, his heart. Kevin Smith breathed life into him. He made you enjoy the God of War. I will probably be doing a tribute re-watch of this episode tonight!

October, 2 2020
10:30 PM MST

Happy 25th Anniversary to Xena: Warrior Princess, 19th Anniversary to the Shipper Seasons and 20th Anniversary to Coming Home!

I can't believe it's been so long since "Sins of the Past" on September 4, 1995 (it has been as long as the ice cave sleep in season 5!) I didn't start watching the series until 1999 (season 5 was my first season to watch as it aired--is it any wonder that I became such a huge fan of Xena/Ares because my impressionable 16 year old self was exposed to that awesomeness? :-D ) so it's only been a little over 20 years for me but still, it's wonderful to celebrate this milestone!

This is also the 19th anniversary of the Shipper Seasons (site launched on September 18, 2001, but the first episode premiered on September 29, 2001). What an amazing ride it has been.

And I wanted to launch this update on the 20th anniversary of Coming Home, where Ares' one-in-a-billion chance sparked us to create this continuation!

As you can see, I decided to update the website design. It hasn't had an update since 2007. With the anniversary and all I was feeling more inspired and creative than I have in recent years and so I wanted to make something new. I was a little rusty in working with HTML but I think I got the hang of it again. This has been a work in progress since June so I hope you all enjoy!

I may attempt to create an alternate mobile site at some point, too, and I still have things I want to add (like finally getting ebook files up -- for my use if nothing else, I want to read them on my kindle!) so there should still be updates in the months to come.

I've really been into Ancient Greece and Rome lately (the bug has hit me once again!--Assassins Creed: Odyssey has really helped me scratch that itch) and so I decided to use that as the basis for the theme. The two landscape images came from the game: the background is Amphipolis from the game and the header image is Athens.

I've been getting back into the Shipper Seasons this year, too, beyond just a site re-design. With everything going on in 2020, I have been doing a LOT of walking down memory lane and finding things that I loved in years past. I decided to finally print out all of the Shipper Seasons episodes and made my own physical booklets of these stories that I can look at on my shelf and read whenever I want. (I also printed out quite a few X/A fanfics that I loved and had been wanting to read again for a while). It makes me happy to see them as part of my collection, given that the Shipper Seasons were such a huge part of my life for so many years.

I've also been really loving Ares recently. Back in the early 2000's, I made cassette tape recordings of all of the Xena/Ares scenes so I could listen to them whenever I wanted. Earlier this summer, I was able to do this again, but all in digital mp3, so now I have "The History of Xena and Ares" as a playlist on my phone, that I can listen to whenever I feel like it! I have also made an Ares cosplay to go with my Xena one, intended for the Xena 25th anniversary convention,as well as a custom Ares funko pop that can sit next to the official Xena one (which I did make some slight changes to, including making her chakram the yin-yang one--I have a second Xena funko in another part of the house that is un-altered) and I plan on making a season 5 Gabrielle sometime soon, too. It makes me so happy every time I see them standing on a shelf side-by-side!

As I have been getting back into the series, I've also been trying to working on the remaining episodes after a long lack of motivation, focusing on other fandoms, other creative projects and real life taking precedence. Still working through it but I hope and would love to have all this completed next year for the 20th Anniversary. There have been so many ideas floating around that I've been adding to a notebook for years and it needs to finally get done!

Stay tuned for updates!

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